Friday, September 28, 2007


Our friend Cheryl arrived at Bali a day later than us, so I decided to take her shopping at Seminyak, where a long stretch of shops and botiques abound. Was it really for her or for my sake? ;P hahaha Well, we only had a couple of hours to go around and shop, because we had to get back at the Conrad to meet up with the rest of the wedding party to go to Uluwatu Temple and watch the Kecak and Fire dance.

We first had lunch at Cafe Kopi Pot at Legian, North of Kuta. As I hav learned it is also managed by the gropu who runs Poppies! Great! So we could expect good food here =)

The place was alfresco and cafe looking. It had a relaxed feel to it and you could just stay here on a beautiful day ang enjoy coffee or meals. They offered Indonesian and Western fairs, but naturally we choose among the traditional dishes.

Ayam Satay

Our skewered chicken was served on this cool clay grill. It's great because you enjoy your satay right off the the comfort of your table =) Nice touch! This makes eating satay more fun and more delicious as it is piping hot! Yummmmm I love satay =)

The Lumpia

What do you know...they have their own version of lumpia and they call it by the same name! It the same! hahaha Well, I think the difference is that the wrapper here is more empanada pastry like as opposed to our paper thin lumpia wrapper..oh and it is eaten with peanut sauce! ;P Delicious!

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