Sunday, September 16, 2007

Out In The Woods...

Sal's shobe Joy just came home from a recent study trip in Shanghai. To welcome her back, Kat, Sal and I took her and her best friend Charol out for a little food trip! I thought they would enjoy a trip out in the I told them we would be heading to the FORREST Silver City nga lang ;P hehehe Yup we were all in very high spirits and we road our magic school bus, headed by our very dear Mang Dino, who has been with us for ages now...taking us to our various girls night outs (thank you Mang Dins!!!)

Forrest House, as we were told, is originally found in Baguio! I HAVE NEVER BEEN TO I have no way of knowing =) hehehehe I'll put that on my list before I turn 35 na..too late to have that now hehehe . The branch at Silver City, is situated in between Gerry's grill and Al Dente (a pizza and pasta place I have yet to try!) We were initially seated at the al fresco area, because the place was packed that night. Barry Manilow music was being piped out and we all thought..geez...pang oldies ata ito!hehehe Well before we ordered, we were fortunately transferred out had such nice interiors and no Barry Manilow here!hehehee Yes, so was like being in a log appropriate for the name of the place.

Here we are, delighted at the place and excited to try out some forrest treats....

In attendance: Moi, Kitty, Sal, Joy and Charol

Asian Caesar Salad

It's mixed frech greens with spicy tofu's good and light. A healty start to a looooong meal! hehehe
Roti Canai

Odd, but yeah, it was available....their roti was pretty good...just a bit less gummier than real roti...but definitely NOT far from the real deal...and the curry dip was quiet authentic! Not bad at all.

Spaghetti Putanesca

It had capers, black olives and anchovies in concasse sauce. I like it, but Sal found it on the sour side..but I think Putanesca is not meant to be sweet ;p hehehe The kids loved it too. It was served with bread with a little pesto...was a bit dry.


Callos, served with mashed potatoes and veggies. This was good, though there was very minimal, if not only 1 piece of tripe! hehehe The rest were sausages, nevertheless cooked deliciously so we enjoyed this dish. The mashed pot looked dry....but it wasn't =)

Forrest House Wine Sauce Chicken

It was grilled chicken breast in a wine cream sauce, served with rice and a small portion of grilled corn on the cob. It was good and creamy....the chicken was tender.

Forrest House Bagnet

Now this was the group favorite. Really crispy bagnet served with papaya chutney. I go..."sana may Mang know...sarsa ng bayan!hahahaha" and with a blink of an eye....voila....MANG TOMAS was there! Wow, we really appreciate the very attentive and friendly staff =) That was indeed a plus factor.

Well, as you can see here...we were very happy indeed! =) hehehe

This is indeed a very fun place to dine in! Perfect for families and friends...pati dates why not! ;P The kind of place where everybody can find something they would like. The mish-mash menu of various cuisines is great....and they were able to pull it off well, as all of our orders turned out good.

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