Saturday, September 29, 2007

BALI IX: PJ's at Four Season's Hotel, Jimbaran

It was Ros' wedding day!!! We were all very excited that day. We had a bit of time for a little shopping, so Pi, Lot, Cheryl and I went to the Kuta square to do a little shopping and have lunch at Jimbaran. Jimbaran is part of Bali near Nusa Dua, where there are lots of beaches and resort hotels. I read that seafood is great there, and there is a place called PJ's, where the food is really great and cheap daw!

When we got there, the place didn't look like they served cheap seafood! It was at the Four Season's Hotel! So we went in...the place was breath taking! PJ's was the beachfront restaurant at that hotel...we checked the menu...well...hotel priced seafood =( Soweeee my friends, I must have read it wrong!

Nevertheless, despite the over priced menu...the food was superb, the servings were big, service was great and the view spectacular! I guess it's worth it naman =)

The view from our table

Nice noh? Wow....I love the way they set up restos in Bali...they really give you the maximum appreciation of the beaches!

We were served a delicious bread basket, which comprised of foccaccia, bread sticks and an interesting dinner roll with pesto filling that surprised our first bite =)

It came with pomodoro and a pesto like dip...that was not pesto! We enjoyed it a lot...they even gave us a second round but we had to turn it down.

The Nasi Goreng
This was one of the best, if not the best, rendition of this Balinese dish I've had, so far in Bali. It was beautifully plated and was very flavorful! Yummm..yummm

Crab Cake

This was delicious! Crab cakes served with a couscous salad! Soooo good and lovely looking =)

Mie Goreng

Another typical Balinese dish that tasted not so typical. It was sooo good and was loaded with seafood, scrambled egg strips and veggies. The noodles used was quite kinda tasted different from the other mie gorengs we have had. Their noodle here was thicker than the average mie's you'd find in simple restos here.

Well, they gave good quality with the price they was all good. We didn't get the chance to linger at the place because we had to head back to our the conrad to prepare for our trip's main event=). When we were about to leave, our waiter asked us if our food was ok? I guess he was kind of puzzled why we left soon after our meal. Most patrons of this resto really stay long after eating to enjoy the lovely beach or just watch the view! Sooo nice....ahhhh I love Bali!!!!


ChichaJo said...

Wow! What fabulous Bali adventures! Sarap naman :) And the food (including the ones in the posts below) looks amazing! Nagugutom tuloy ako!

Jen Tan said...

yes Joey, super fun Bali adventures and soooo many wonderful and delicious places to go to!!! =) Hind ko matapos tapos ang posts!! ;P hahaha

Thank you for dropping by!!! hugs

canDIshhh said...

Jen!! Kakainggit your adventure!! Sana ganyan din yung BKK ko end of this month!!

Jen Tan said...

Di..I am sure you'll have a great time in Bangkok!!! Sana sama ako! hehehe Use a guide book...yunginamet namen super ok...Frommer's Southeast Asia....sundan mo lahat ng resto won't go wrong! hahaha And ofcourse get tips from friends =) Ask Chirstine she has the best recommendations! Enjoy kayo ni Edi!!