Tuesday, September 25, 2007

SHOWER#5: Chef Du Jour Him Uy de Baron

In line with a very unique wedding for my special friend Ros, the bridal shower should just be fittingly special. Now how about a little hotel party with fun games...a little drinking and a gourmet dinner specially prepared by a chef du jour? PERFECT! That is exactly what we did!

Our Chef for the evening, is Chef Him Uy de Baron. He and two assistants came in late afternoon to do the prep work and table setting in our hotel room.

This was our menu...

The table set....

Now, here is our chef in the kitchen

We waited for everybody to come in before the master startedwith dinner.

Boy, were we all in for a real gustatory delight! To start off, we were served

Coconut Ginger and Chicken Soup
The soup dishes were served to us with an island of roasted chicken pieces, straw mushrooms topped with coconut foam. Then the server poured the ginger and lemongreass infused broth for each of us. A little drama to go with the presentation ei? That was indeed a charming touch, and made us enjoy our soup warm to boot. It was superb! You can taste the very flavorful and tender roast chicken meat enveloped by the unique tatsing broth. The coconut foam gave the soup depth in flavor but didn't render it to be thick or too rich tasting...which was great. You have that delicious coconut cream taste sans the heavy texture that coconut milk gives. The lemongrass gave it dimension and lightness.

Salt and Pepper Crab Salad

A real wow of a Salad! Fresh greens tossed with Aioli dressing topped with Soft Shell Crabs, sauteed with garlic and chili oil and seasoned with salt and pepper. The soft shell crabs was exploding with flavor. Rich tatsting yet not overpowering. Chef Him made a carefull balance of the rich aioli dressing with the fried crabs that let you savor the mouthfeel of the fat without having a too oily taste! Excellent!

As our main, we were served Pan Fried Fish with Chorizo and Clam Wine Sauce

A lightly seasoned, pan fried dory fish, sauteed with chorizo with a sause of simmered clams and white wine, reduced, then mounted with butter. The fish was perfectly cooked to a soft and tender finish. The crisped out chorizo bits that topped the delicate fish gave dimesion to the dish...adding a rich taste and crisp mouthfeel to compliment the delicate taste and texture of the fish along. The White wine clam sauce rounded up the flavors and the mounded balls of rice that was cooked almost like a risotto was a perfect side together with the asparagus topping the dish!

Our meal went with pandan infused Iced Tea.

I peeked as our Chef prepares the finale of our meal...

Flourless Chocolate Cake..served ala mode with no less than Angelati Italia Vanilla Gelato...with a drizzle of caramelized sugar!

Simple as it may seem....one of the best if not the best flourless chocolate cake I've ever had. It was not too sweet and the cake was very moist and soft...but not wet, like most flourless chocolate cakes tend to be. The Vanilla gelato was an excellent complement to the warm cake. Ahhhhhh..comtrasting temperatures and textures in dessert is the grandest of dessert experience for me =)

We were served flowing coffee and the staff were kind enough to prepare a round of cocktails to kick start or partying!!!!

It was indeed a superb dinner! Kudos to Chef Him Uy de Baron and his staff. We were very much well taken cared of which made the whole dinning experience a real pleasure!

Fully charged and enjoying our cocktails, we proceeded with fun games prepared by Lyn and Gwen!!!

How great an evening is that? Happy palates and high spirits to celebrate a great friend as she moves on to the next chapter of her life as a married woman....wow and wow to that.

Some of the party girls...(L-R) Lyn, Moi, Mitzi & Shawie (my bride #3)


My darling Ros (the bride) with yours truly =)

I am off to Bali tomorrow!!!! Good times!!! =)


canDIshhh said...

Sosyal ang shower ng lola mo!!

Jen Tan said...

hey Di! Yup super sosyal shower..with a super sosyal wedding...can't wait to blog that out!

miss you!!!!!