Thursday, September 06, 2007

Magic Moments!!!

Every morning, on my way to the gym or office, I always tune in to Magic 89.9! I really like Good Times with MO....for their crazy antics, games and spontaneity. Since Monday, I've been meaning to call in and join in the show...maybe win some stuff too hehehe. It's really sooo hard to get through pala! It's really frustrating!

I think it was Tuesday night..on my way home, while stuck in traffic....I was tuned in to the radio once more. I am really not so familiar with DJ's, shows and station names....and I was listening to this show, where they played a game called "Panic Room". The Dj gives you a number and that shall be the number of names/places/things that you enumerate for the category they will give. Example: DJ goes.."your number is 5 dead rock artists...go..." You are given a certain time do this...if you make win a prize. Cool. So I dial in my cell 02-6310899...busy...dial again...riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!!!! WOW!! BINGO!!! Then the Dj picks up....I asked "are you still playing the game?"...the Dj goes..." many tickets would you like?"...I was dumb founded...I go"...errr...4?" Then the DJ goes...."ok you got them" He got my name, cell phone number and instructed me to drop by the office station at Paragon plaza between 9am-5pm. I wasn't aired but I did win movie tickets..for what?...I haven't the slightest clue! hahahaha Then I checked out my radio...I was tuned in to 99.5 pala ;P bwahahahahahhaahhaah

Geeeez...kaya pala it wasn't the Panic Room!!! As I found out, I was on the CJ and Sarah show on Magic! hahahahah Soweeeeee but thanks na din ;P

After my fitting at Rockwell and trip to Power Plant, my shobe and I dropped by Paragon Plaza to claim my winnings..... I am outside teh DJ booth (ang liit lang pala)

..and this is what I got.....TADA....

4 Red Carpet Premiere Tickets to Jet Li and Jason Statham's ROGUE ASSASSIN!!!

Premiere is on September 08, 2007, Saturday, 7:30 pm SM MALL OF ASIA CINEMA 3!

Ang layo!!! hahaha So who wants to go??? (just message me) =)

Thank you Magic 89.9!!!!!!


inhinyero ritsi said...

hmmm.. i wish i had your luck..

Jen Tan said...

hello inhinyero ritsi!

hahaha...try mo! can you believe i won tickets again =) hahaha

thank you for dropping by!

Ruy said...

Maybe I should take you with me and buy lotto tickets...;p

Jen Tan said...

hey ruy...sure basta we split the winnings ;Phahaha