Monday, September 03, 2007

Book Fair 2007

I love book browsing! Yes, indeed! Last Sunday Sal and I went to the Book Fair held at World Trade Center, in Roxas Blvd.

It was participated by several bookstores and publishing houses such as Goodwill, Power Books, National Bookstore....Summit Publications...Emerald headway..etc....etc... A READERS PARADISE INDEED!!! Almost all items are 20% off and with different kinds of promos. It was a riot! Nerds, bookworms and book-browsers like me lurked and horded the stuff of their liking. Sally bought arm loads and arm loads of books....and as for me....wala!--hehehe ;P
Nevertheless, I had a great time covering the entire area and reading as we moved from aisle to aisle, hehehe


christine said...

I was there Friday during my lunch break. I also didn't get anything, except for a Gene Gonzalez cookbook. I was sad there was no Fully Booked, bitin!

Jen Tan said...

Hey Christine!

Yeah I was also looking for Fully Booked...they didn't participate---sayang. Which Gene Gonzales coolbool did you get? I was eyeing Jamie Oliver's new book---yun super thick--kaso mahal pa din! hahaha!

Sayang we went on different days..we could have bumped into eachother--that would have been nice =)