Saturday, September 15, 2007

Wine Hopping @ Serendra

How about wine hopping at Serendra? There are a lot, if not most restos in Serendra offer wine. Barolo, the next door neighbor of Balducci, offer wines odered at a per bottle basis. They have a good selection of wines from all over and cheeses and antipasti to boot!

We settled at Larry's Bar. I had a very pleasant hang out time there during my last visit, and now even better, having their cheese board and wine =)
This is Larry's Cheese Board
It's comprised of Emmenthal, Roquefort (yey! my fave ;P), quezo de bola and kesong puti, accompanied by a bunch of grapes, celery sticks and crakers! This was very nice! I love having roquefort with grapes! It's such a delight to the palete! The celery goes well with the Emmenthal...the kesong puti, with the crakers, the quezo de bola with the wine?hahaha Everything was great with wine, except for the kesong puti, in my opinion, because it has a flat and blank taste.

A great way to relax and unwind...dine and wine ;P Wine and cheeses really is a superb combination!

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