Thursday, September 06, 2007

Let's Have SOM Lunch =)

I'm getting ready for yet another up coming wedding! And yes...I am once again part of the entourage!hehehehe I had my second fitting at gown was lovely!!!!

I asked my sis Che if she wanted to have lunch at SOMS....might be better this time because it was day time naman....

Here we go....
Parking was good...we were the first few people to arrive for lunch! Yehey!

We had the Spring Rolls

...aaah yes! They were mighty good today! Piping hot and crisp!!!! yummmm

The Chicken Pandan

..served hot and was really good! It's only today I noticed..may corn pala inside?! hehehe

..and our Bagoong Rice!

This time our orders came all together and was served hot, so we appreciated our food much, much better than our last visit here with our brothers! Although, the bagoong rice isn't that good...the pork chunks are big and I like the sweetish kind more..this one was a bit lacking in umph!

Well, it's SOM-uch better here when it's not jammed with and service is so much better...and the price..still dirt cheap! =)


Anonymous said...

hindi mo ako niyaya.. am just in makati med:(

Jen Tan said...

hahaha jeff...baka kase busy ka time promise pag makati ako will yaya you! =)