Sunday, September 30, 2007

BALI XI: Barong Festival At Hotel Nikko, Bali

What better way to end a fun and exhausting day from the beach, than to go to a dance festival dinner buffet! Ahhh treat after another! From Waka Nusa to the boat cruise ...we went straight to the Nikko Bali Hotel to catch The Great Barong Festival! Yes my friends...with still semi-wet swim wear we went to this hotel with again.....a spectacular view of the beach! It's really great that everywhere we go in Bali....may spectacular and amazing view talaga!

Dinner was set at Kupu-Kupu restaurant in the hotel. Upon arriving, we were welcomed by drinks and dressed with Batik sarongs with belts and a nice flower placed on women's ears =) We were even given matching fans =) Sooooo cute.....check out my Balinese look, hehehe....

Here is what was intore for us....a two leveled buffet spread.....I didn't upload all the food pics as they are really alot. These are just a few....

A variety of native fruits

salad buffet

spring rolls & samosas station

satay staion

There were lots and lots of asian flavors there. They even had pinoy pata tim! =) I think the buffet is mixed asian cuisine.

While enjoying our dinner buffet, we watched the great barong festival on stage. Its about the battle between good and evil represented by a mythical lion and the follower friend monkey character, to bring the legend to life. It was indeed a different experience!

We were given the chance to fo up stage and have our pictorial with the cool is that =)

Bali has so many great things intore!!!! I love it! =)

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