Monday, September 10, 2007

Pame! MANOS epthia ;P

On the road again! Yes, this time it's just the Two-pod! My kras Oli and I went on a Saturday get-a-way to Tagaytay. The agenda: EAT HELLENIC CUISINE AT MANOS TAVERN!

We left manila around 10am. It was a hot sunny while in the car, we wished that it was cooler when we reach Tagaytay. Oli had a quizzical thought..."Jen...bakit kaya ginawa ni God na pag gabe tayo tulog? Bakit hindi tayo tulog pag araw at gising at nagtratrabao pag gabe?" I told him.."siguro kase to save energy...kaya dapat work in the morning where there is day light....hindi na kelangan ng electricity...and pag tulog tayo d ba we close our eyes parang dilim din so tama lang na pag gabe na madilim and sleeping time...d ba?"...hmm..we wonder...

We reached the Petron station at SLEX (don't you just love the PETRON station there...with the McDo, Satrbucks, Treats and Pancake House?---it's like an oasis for southbound travellers noh? The trip is not right if the car doesn't oull over here!!! ;P )...and met up with Chie for a coffee break ...she was on her way to Laguna for a was still scorching hot that time. After that we continued on our trip...then upon reaching started to rain!!!! Then the sky got kinda dark...I turned to Oli and tol him ...."ayan...God gave you a taste of darkenss during the day!" hahahaha...."thanl goodness di ikaw si God..kundi kawawa tayong lahat! ;P bwhahahahaha ....

When we got to was really raining we waited it out a bit in the car....

Good thing, a waiter spotted us outside and assisted us with umbrellas so we could get in na! Fabulous!.....

Welcome to Greece!!!!
The interios are simple...with a blue colored theme goin on. The menu tells a lengthy tale of Greece and it's cuisine...that we unfortunately, didn't have any patience of reading through! hahaha Wala kaseng pictures eh! ;P

We odered bread..they make there own whole wheat bread....and's NOT free eh.
...and an order of Tatziki. We were both looking for hummus on the menu...but as we've learned hummus is an Arabic dish. Most resto that I think are greek like Cyma are mix mediterranean, that's why they have hummus and kebabs.
This was a nice cool and refreshing dip for our bread. I am just used to having it with pita.

The Moussaka

Now this is traditional Greek food! I've tried it at Cyma...but this was a different rendition. It had layers of potatoes, eggplant ang ground meat (maybe beef?) with bechamel sauce. This was good and veryy satiating! This has a dry finish as compared to Cyma's version which has a runnier sauce. Don't get me wrong's not DRY --dry...the bechamel is not runny lang ;P It was good.

And ofcourse, we had the Grilled Lamb Chops

2 chops served with potato wedges, mixed corn and carrots and rice. It was grilled just right...simple and flavorful. I just didn't like the sided though. The potatoes were kinda oily.

We wanted to have baklava but we were so full from the meal! So I just tried the Greek Cafe

The Greek owner himself appraoched our table and gave us a little Greek coffee 101: Kafe with No sugar is called Sketo ...if with a little (1 teaspoon) sugar, Metrio and if you like it sweet, you call for a Gleeko. I had the Metrio =)

It was a good strong and aromatic brew. The downside was this...

....sediments of sediments that can make one choke! hahaha The super finely ground coffee is brewed with the sugar and I presume NO filtration is included inthe process. Oh well, this is the cup of coffee that one cannot have to the LAST DROP!hehehe ;P

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