Sunday, September 30, 2007

BALI X: Waka Nusa Cruise

Day after the wedding, we were off for another adventure! This time, for some water fun =) It was a two hour cruise on a very nice yacht to Waka Nusa. It's like an Island resort away not so far away in Bali =)

Here is the gang....

Upon reaching a point where we anchored in, we transferred to a glass boat going to the island. The place was beautiful and was made for water sports. We first took a little trip to the village part to see the old Balinese architecture and check out local shops.

There was this one peculiar ancient Balinese home, where the owner dug caves underneath his property! I didn't get the whole story but the caves were intricately dug...with 3 pathways within! I got scarred upon goin down and when I saw the dark and tight caves...RETREAAAAAAAAT JEN!!! I went back up! hahaha ;P

..lookie at that....

We went back to the resort proper to have a delicous lunch buffet.

Nasi Goreng

Mie Goreng

Seafood Curry

Babi and Ayam Sate

Pasta Salad

Veggie Salad

Afterlunch, we went snorkeling! I was apprehensive to go...but I did it anyway. Well, I wore the mask...the life vest..and sat on the dock hahahaha and after mustering all the courage deep inside me, and being shamed by the twokids who went in the water...I slid in..and let out and EEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!! The water was ICY cold! I dipped my head and saw a bot of the ocean floor..then hurried back up to the dock and covered myself with a sarong! hahahaha Yes, I am a sissy! hahaha But hey, at LEAST I touched Balinese ocean ;P Pwede na rin! hahaha

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