Monday, September 03, 2007

Love at First Sight!!!

I just couldn't take my mind off the Motorolla Razor V8, after seeing it last Saturday....ahhhh love at first sight! hehehehe Yup this is what I was talking about baby! hahaha Wow, I just love the sleek look and finish of the body!!! It's sooooo pretty and chic!!!

I know, I know, I just changed my phone a couple of months ago...but I am really fond of flip/clam phones!!! I don't know why, I just adore them.

So I said goodbye to my Samsung D900.....and hello to my MOTO V8!!!! =D

It's a pre-birthday gift to myself =) Love it!!!!

I promise to be faithfull to you. I will never look at another cellphone again and promise not to change you for the next 2 years!!!! hahahahaha


canDIshhh said...

Back to a MOTO ka na!!

Jen Tan said...

yes di! back to moto and I LOVE IT!!'s sooo pretty =)hahaha

Anonymous said...

2 years ah.. can i make a bet on that:)

Jen Tan said...

jeff...sige bet tayo! =) faithfull ako promise!!! I LOVE THIS PHONE talaga!!! hahahaha

Anonymous said...

what do u have in mind as our bet?:)

Jen Tan said...

name it jeff! hahaha...i gamble in terms of bread and food! hehehe ikaw? ;P bring it on!!!!