Saturday, September 15, 2007

Visiting YSABEL.

Gene's Bistro and Cafe Ysabel, were two of my favorite restos...along time ago...well, for some personal reasons, apart from the good food. I like the simple, cozy and very personal feel of these restos, and it's quite sad that the former no longer exists. I had a chance to take a trip back to memory lane, visiting cafe Ysabel once again..

It still had that old, rustic and homey vibe to it, that I really like. There were still quite a number of patrons there that evening as well.

Looking at the menu, I realized how long it has been since I've really dined there, that I don't recall what my favorite was...and still they have a nice selection of Spanish, Italian and Filipinos flavors to choose from.

We chose to have the Seafood, Saffrom, Prosciutto, Arborio rice Risotto...

This dish was rather YELLOW! It was creamy and rich tasting. Very delicious..we liked it. It had squid, shrimps and scallops (I think) topped with a few pieces of prociutto.

The Crispy Cheese Rolls with Mustard Creme sauce

It was just your average cheese sticks with a bit of a fancy dipping to accompany it. We wanted something crispy and we were ok with this. The sauce was a tad bit too runny as a dip, nevertheless it was a good twist.

I had to have the Carrot Cake.

All this time, I have been thinking that this was the best tasting Carrot cake I've had. Over time I've tried quite a number of versions of this dessert...and now I have the chance to see if it still stands as my ever fave rendition.

Apparently, I was quite taken that the frosting that embraces the cake, was not of the cream cheese sort. It was icing...perhaps, butter cream...which I don't like, sad to say. However, the cake inside was very good. It had walnuts and pineapples, I could tell. A bit too sweet for me, but it was still good. Looking back now, I think my number 1 carrot cake fave would be from Dome cafe.
It was great having the chance to dine here again. Food is still good, the service is great and still love the ambiance! I would definitely go back here again.


canDIshhh said...

I love their bread! Hahaha.. :)

Jen Tan said...

huuuuy di kame binigyanng bread di =( i'll GO BACK and protest!!!! hahahaha