Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Kimono Ken

WELCOME HOME ROS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)
Another reason to be excited for friend Ros, who is my bride number#5, came home to finalize her wedding preparations. Her wedding shall be in Bali!!! Yehey!!! Yes, my friends, I shall be leaving on the 26th to attend my dear, dear friend's wedding on the 29th!!! All of us has been busy making our flight bookings and reservations for the past has kinda hard because, we found out that there is a convention in Nusa Dua, Bali around the same time frame of our celebration. Well now, we are all booked and ready to go!!!! A bunch of my friends and I took this chance to go around Bali as well, so it's a wedding party-cum-vacation altogether!!!!

Kimono Ken has been in Morato for quite sometime now...I can't belive that this is my frist time to dine here!!! I chose this place where we could have dinner necause Ros wanted something healthy.

Tamago Sashimi
You're egg omelette sushi...a classic....was very good. We love eggs.

Salmon Sashimi
Fresh, healthy and good =)

Crispy Chicken Teriyaki Salad
This was really good. I liked this very much because, it had fresh mango slices, lettuce, and crispy fried chicken pieces with teryaki sauce and japanese mayo. I think this is not a healthy salad..but it tasted mighty good (may not be low fat...but it is low carb ;P )

Agedashi Tofu
Another japanese all time fave of ours. Soft and silky tofu, lightly fried and sauced! It was really food agedashi. The sauce was a bit thicker than the usual rendition of this dish. I think, what I normally encounter is a runny tempura sauce-ish sauce.

Bacon-Asupara Maki
Asparagus wrapped in can you go wrong with that? I think this dish is related to the bacon-tomato wrap I've tried at Nanohana.

Gindara Teryaki
Yummm...we both really liked their rendition of this dish! The fish is cooked ohh so tender and soft, complimented by the sweetish sauce.

Chicken Teriyaki
Boneless, grilled chicken (thigh part) with, whatelse, teryaki sauce and sesame seeds. Nice and good =)

Japanese Fried Rice
very good also...not too oily and very flavorful..

The Kimono Ken Fruit Juice
Now this tasted's like papaya, orange, pineapple fruit juice mix...hmmm it's an acquired taste ;P
I like Kimono Ken. The food is good, the place is clean and spacious and to top it all's cheap Japanese.
We had a wonderful time catching up and talking about her wedding plans!
I am very excited for my friend's wedding. How time flies talaga...we've been friends for around 11 years already! I think its just amazing to see friends through life milestones like this...and I've been seeing most of them go through it quite often this year =) Great times!


docchef said...

as much as i love this resto better than teriyaki boy or tempura, i dont think they should serve the salmon with the bloodline(the dark part) the can slice it off naman... just my two cents

Jen Tan said...

true, true jeff...I noticed that as well...though the salmon is fresh naman...kinda odd nga why they don't cut-off that gray-ish back...

oliboy said...

but some people like that part... that's why they serve it...

Jen Tan said...

tama ka din jan krass...taray!!! hahaha what floats your boat baby!;P