Sunday, September 02, 2007

BALDUCCI Restorante

A rainy Saturday night at Serendra and surprisingly it wasn't crowded. After an afternoon of shopping at Greenhills and Power Plant mall, with my shopping buddy Mike (yes, he is fully recovered from his surgery...and very much up and about for a day of malling! hehehe) to get him a new charger for his Treo and window shop na din altogether. Well we got him his charger...and as for me...oh my...I experienced love at first sight!!!---I shall not delve into that yet ;P hehehehe

We decided to move to Serendra for an early dinner. Mike has just recently turned VEGAN...and so his request was anything that has no meat please! Well, that's easy...let's do Italian!!!

I've always wanted to try Balducci's. The place looks nice and the menu selection is very its easy to avoid meat at Italian retsos....

...this is their trio of butter, pate and salsa to accompany .....

...the free basket of piadina wedges and grissini (singular because they gave us just one stick! hehehehe)
The pate was really good....we really appreciate this because we were quite hungry already!!!! hehehe

The Margherita Pizza
It's vegan, is it not? Your basic mozzarella, basil and tomato pizza! Yummmm!!! The crust is the chewy kind, even the edges is not crunchy. It's a delicious pizza but I wanted a bit of a crunch on my pizza crust hehehe ;)

This is the Spinach Ricotta Ravioli with cream sauce

Delicioso!!!! I've been craving for ravioli the past few days. I compromised with the white sauce because we will share the dish naman. Surprisingly its not nauseatingly rich. It was really good and I love the spinach-ricotta filling (pwede kaya with red sauce?) It still kept with being vegan too =) I noticed though, this dish was served at room temperature! hmmmm why kaya? I wished it was served warmer...but it was really good still =)

As you know me, I have to have my cafe, especially after a very filling meal like this! They serve Lavazza!!! Yey!
Just look at that crema on my Americano!!!! I had this as is!!! A brew like this should be taken with restpect----no cream and sugar ofcourse! =)

Mikey is a guy with a real sweet tooth! He was craving for some Conti's goodies, so he left me with my Lavazza as he went to Conti's to take out the Banana Bravo....

...and an Almond Sansrival

He was able to finish them all!!! Good job man! hahahaha I tried the banana reminded me of banana cream pie! It had loads of whipped cream, hence a cake not for moi! I have tried the almond sanrival before and it is really good!
Balducci's is great and the price is not that expensive ah! I will definitely go back here, to try other pizzas and gnocchi!!!! Can you believe I HAVE NEVER HAD GNOCCHI!!!---it's on my things to do before I turn 30 list, so I have to get my hands on it real soon!!! =)
After that we moved along to Bonifacio Highstreet for shopping..again!hahaha Charles & Keith was on SALE!!!!!! I got myself a pair of shoes-----yey!!!! =) Then book browsing ofcourse at fully booked. After that we went back to Serendra for some cocktails =)


canDIshhh said...

Glad you had a great time there! Mine was really bad!! But I'd like to give it another chance.. :)

Jen Tan said...

Yeah Di, I remember reading your post on had steak ata?

Baka better ang pizzas and pastas lang =) Pizza nila masarap naman though hindi cripsy ang crust..pero mura naman, relatively. Give it a chance...promising naman ang pastas nila and salads..and may TARTUFO! ...ewan ko lang if its as good as yun sa Antonio's Gardern---that I LOVE!!! hahaha

oliboy said...

OOOHHHH MY GOODNESS!!! the ravioli looks yummy!!!

Jen Tan said...

Yes Krass..the ravioli was masarap!!!! =P

Saw the link you sent...let's GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO =)