Thursday, September 27, 2007

BALI V: Posh Bali Bar that is Ku De Ta

The fun doesn't end at Bali. After our relaxing dinner at Poppies, it's time to chill out at one of Bali's uber hip bar..Ku De Ta.

The huge interiors of the bar with a very modern and posh ambiance

We were abit intimidated by the place initially, because we didn't get the chance to change wardrobe for our night out hehehe but nonetheless we managed to blend in and the fun rolled out as the rest of our friends came in! Yehey!!!
The gang (L-R) Mark, Ros, Gwen and Lyn

We and more of Mark's family and friends joined us it turned out to be a really fabulous night out!!!

This was Gwen's cocktail...a sunrise long drink...

A cocktail at this place costs around 80,000 -120,000 Rupiahs, so that's about 400-600 pesos a pop! =)

This is my Raspberry Bellini. Muddled raspberries capped with champagne.

Oh sooo good! A very refreshing cocktail! =)

Ku De Ta is set, beachfront! As if the funky design of the bar is not enough ei? Well you have a view or rather you are set sooo close to the beach if you are seated at the end of the bar away from the main dining area. It is quite popular to watch the sunset here..while having great cocktails, food and hip music while being cooled by the sea breeze!!! I tell you, the view is breath taking there even if the sun was out!

Have you ever been billed 1.9 M for cocktails? ;P hehehehe We have!!! Another first for us!haha

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