Sunday, September 16, 2007

Napoleon Doughnuts

Well, what better way to cap a fun dinner..than a fun trip to the neighboring dougnut shop!
Napoleon doughnuts, is like Cello's terms of the flavor selection offered. They have Chips A-hoy, Turtle pie, Cheesy cheese, Banana crunch, Oreo and it goes on and on. We had a box of 6 and cut them all up into 5 portions each so we get to try them all and vote on our favorites =)
The top fave was the Cheesy cheese! It was topped with a parmesan-like dusting of cheese and a surprise of more cheese filling!!! Yummmm =) Next up....the Oreo...which even had the cream center filling (that I didn't like..i always take out the white portion of an oreo cookie and just eat the chocolate cookies!hehehehe)
They were good, soft and not too sweet. The dough is very similar to that of Cello'sm which has a yellowish and ensaymada-like finish, as opposed to the Krispy Kreme and Gonuts type doughnut dough. I am not much of a doughnut fan really, nut it was really fun trying thr flavors with the girls...I felt like a kid ;p
After that, we took a trip to Serendra to shop at All Flip-flops and ofcourse, visit Fully booked =)
It was great hanging with you girls as always! Hugs!!!! ;)


Sam said...

I love donuts! :)

Jen Tan said...

then you'll love these..I'm not much of a donut fan really hehehe..

thanks for dropping by sam!

canDIshhh said...

Guess what?! WE got free donuts from them! Hahaha.. We asked what their best seller was and shempre asked if they can give us a sample..

They gave us 2!!

pero that was a long loooong time ago.. When they first opened.. :)

Jen Tan said...

Wow Di! Talaga??? Baket kame dame binili...wala free??? hahaah I'll go back to protest! hehehehe Did you like them o Krispy Kreme ka pa din?