Wednesday, September 26, 2007

BALI I: Mades Warung

Well, as I mentioned, we saved our hunger for some good Balinese cuisine. After checking in out hotel, we took a cab to Mades Warung. It's a popular Bali Cafe in Kuta which serves Indonesian and Continental food.

Ofcourse, we had Indonesia specials. First up.....mixed Sate Babi (pork sate) and Ayam (chicken)

super yummmmmmmmmmmmm =) served with thick peanut sauce!!!! (eto pa lang happy na kame! )


This is a popular Indonesia dish. It's redolent of the chinese frech lumpia. It has chopped cabbage, carrots, nuts, tofu? mixed with somewhat a peanutty like sauce (not as thick as the sate sauce) and covered by a huge KROPECK. I liked it, but my friend Pi likes his food hot, and this was served room temperature so he wasn't that enthused with this dish.

I was happy that the food came with brown rice =)

We were already full, but we had to follow our tour guide's recomendations. Our tour guide by the way is none other than Mr. FROMMERS (guide to Southeast Asia edition)----it's really great and if you stick to the book, you will surely have a fabulous vacation! We have already tried and tested this book, as it was our guide on our vacation in Singapore and Vietnam 2 years ago. As we were finishing up dinner, I read the book again and it was stated that we had to have the BUTTER FISH at Mades Warung! Pi and I looked at eachother and without hesitation ordered the dish! hahahahah (masunurin kame eh...we wanted to be sure we had the best of the best ;P )

Butter Fish

This was supposed to be Gindara...grilled and served with mashed potatoes. It was good and the fish cooked to a tender...but we were kinda not sure if it was indeed Gindara fish. What the heck, it was good fish! Topped with fried shoe string potatoes and a side of a pesto like sauce, but it wasn;t made of basil...some other herb which we could not tell what....any guess???

Really good and cheap Balinese food! First success agad! ;P


canDIshhh said...

Jenn! It looks really nice! Resort na resort and dating ah! :)

Jen Tan said...

Hey Di!!! Sobrang ganda..wait 'till you see my post on the nect hotel I stayed in...walang sinabe yan!!!! =)