Friday, September 28, 2007


Cheryl and I went around Seminyak and Legian, where most of the local shops abound. We got exhausted from moving from one shop to another and decided to take a little break as we waited for our driver to fetch us and bring us back to the Conrad.

There was this nice coffee shop called Cafe Seminyak..well you guessed it, at Seminyak! hehehehe We were lured in by the enticing cake display......

They had yoghurt based cakes! That was interesting noh? I've never heard of cakes made with yoghurt. However, we just settled for good ol' carrot cake, coffee for me and Iced latte for my friend =)

Coffee and Carrot cake...a perfect combination =)
The carrot cake was really good! It was moist, loaded with macadamia nuts and the cream cheese frosting was yummy!!!!! Not whipped cream ---yehey!!!! real cream cheese here!

Fully recharged, we headed back to the hotel to meet the wedding party.

We were set off to watch the Kecap and fire dance...a little cultural activity for us =)

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