Monday, September 10, 2007

Not Just a Bag of Beans

After our lovely Greek luncheon...we moved on to Bag of Beans! Yes, my coffee at the Taverna was definitely not enough...and we forgot to order the Baklava, dessert for us yet.It's the coffee place at Tagaytay really. They sell very good coffee at a very affordable price to boot! They specialize in savory and sweet pies, and offer an array of breads as well.

You go down to this underground-like garden and voila....a nice and cozy hide-away awaits....

Comfy couches with a cool breeze where you can relax and enjoy your brew!!! We loved it!!! =)
We chose the apple pia ala mode.... is a beautiful foodshot by Oli..nice kras!!! ;P
..this was yummy! The crust was good and generously filled with apples!!! We just didn't like the ice cream ala-moding our kinda tasted like cheap ice cream =( soweeee
Ofcourse...we had bottomless brew!!!! Php 100.oo for the Arabica-Robusta blend (which I got) and Php 95.00 for the Barako (for Oli) -----beat that Satrbucks!!! VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY INDEED!!!
Oli took a shot of me picking on the fork aimed at the target! hahahaha

An afternoon well enjoyed! After that we went to Lourdes churche to thank God for our blessings and was Mama Mary's Day =)

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