Monday, September 17, 2007

Wedding # 4: ChaCha's Wedding

Wedding time once again, this time for my dear friend Cha! She has been my friend since highschool. We were schoolmates, but NEVER classmates! We used to bridge our friendship through writing letters =) Sweet noh? Yeah, pen-pals turned very,very good friends.

Naturtally, I am once again part of the entourage. This time as the veil first time actually =) We had our pictorials at the former Westin Philippine known as Hotel Sofitel. I got there a bit earlier than the call time, which was great because I wasn't rushing and I was able to see her get made up =) friend was extra-beautiful that day, indeed, I think brides have that magic on their wedding day--it's great.

The ceremony was held at St. Peter Church, after which us, the entourage had to do more pictorials back at Sofitel before the reception. I think this was the most exhausting pictorial session I hav ever had! We were allmade to go by the pool side...when it was really, really windy and already starting to drizzle!!! It was quiet a challenge to project perfect smiles and poses amidst that talaga...but it was super fun....I go..."di ko pala kaya mag America's Next Top Model!" hahaha

The reception was held at the Chinese favorite...Century Seafood Restaurant. The venue was decorated with charming colored globe lanterns and yellow drapes, by Larry Espinosa.

The bridal cake--I forgot to ask who made it...sowee =) ...but it was lovely

A very festive mood was set....

It was a very happy day for my very good friend. Cha, I'm sooooo happy for you! I wish you and Francis all the best! Hugs =)

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