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I am glad that for my birthday, I am at a special place with really good friends who I love. It's a special birthday, for it is my 30th! =) How time flies. I've always wondered as a little girl, how I would be, what I would be and how I would feel when I am 30....well, I feel like I felt when I was just that little girl =) I've had the worst times and the best times...glad that for this day I am at the best ones and I look forward to all life has instore ahead. Thank God for another year and all the blessing that He has given me =) I have a lot to be thankful for...and I still have so much more to work for and hope for.

After the wedding day, I moved in to the Conrad this is my birthday morning view from the room where I was at.....
..this was around 7am...
Lovely isn't it? makes you feel good to be BALI ;Phahahaha It was also my last day there too. Lotte and I were set to go back to Malaysia that evening, so we packed in the activities for the day.

Let me share with you the beautiful Conrad hotel view.....

I think I have used the term BREATH TAKING far too many times over this Bali blogging period...but let me say it again.....the view takes my breath away =)

We had brunch at the Conrad, for some quality talk time. The breakfast buffet there is great. An array of cheeses, pancakes, waffles, dimsum, noodles, breads, pastries, name it!

Here is an interesting fruit. Have you had Snake fruit? Hmmmm ...since I was born year of the snake.....let me have snake fruit ... tasted kinda odd...not sweet...a bit "madagta" tasting and bland =Phehehe Not for my taste!hehehe Soweee

We had a very long and late brunch, after which we proceeded to the beachfront of the hotel to hang out. They all went fly fishing while I just lounged at the beach. I loved how each cabana had a tray of cool and moist towels (too cool you off), bottled water and minted foot sprays (too cool your feet after walking on the hot sand)...very nice touch, indeed. To top that, skewered papaya, pineapple and watermelon and served throughout the day---and its free ah! Nice!!! I love the service!

Look at my skewered fruits and that background of the wouldn't want to leave this place talaga!

We moved to the pool side for swimming and playing around! This time I joined in the's so hard to say no to everybody and to turn your back on a very inviting pool ;P hehehe

Well, because of all that water fun...we totally skipped lunch. We met up with the rest of the gang at the lobby and headed to Jimbaran to have dinner birthday dinner slash last supper at Bali.

Over the beachstrech of Jimbaran, seafood restos lined up. We chose Aroma. It's like our "dampa" here in Manila. You pick your seafood of choice, charnged by the kilo..cooked anyway you want!

The area where you pick out fresh lobstsers, crabs, fish, squid, prawns etc. be cooked to your liking =) So much like our good ol' dampa noh?

Orders come with complimentary vegetable dish, rice and fruits as dessert!

Here are just some of the grilled seafood we had. I was not able to take all of the food because our table was set in a panel like manner, making it hard to get a pic of our dinner spread. We were all seated facing the beach, to watch the sun go down as we feast on delicious seafood =)

The Gang



This was the sun set view as we eanjoyed our cool is that?
My err...birthday cake..that had no cake! hahahaha ;P

This was taken after our dinner..the sun fully set...and Lotte and I bid our farewell to Bali and our friends..they stayed there for a few days more....we really regretted booking our flight back home so soon....

Farewell beautiful Bali...farewell to my 20's hahaha... Lot and I headed to Malaysia with our hearts and mind filled with fond and wonderful memories of this Magnificent place! Thank God for this wonderful experience. My birthday was very special indeed =)

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