Monday, January 28, 2008

My Atchi's Birthday Dinner at Spring Deer =)

For my Atchi's birthday our family had simple family dinner to celebrate her special day. When it's a family's definitely Chinese food...denifitely seafood =) We went to Hong Kong....Spring Deer =D hehehe It's a seafood resto, located along Timog Avenue. It's just a very casual place. No fancy ambiance...just very good and fresh seafood =)


Ah yes! This is indeed a family fave! We had a kilo ---you read it right A KILO of these uber fresh shrimps...steamed perfectly! When you eat it's just but sweet succulent flesh! Soooo fresh that even if you eat it with your fingers....not a trace of seafoodie smell!

Geoduck Soup

Please forgive I am absolutely unsure if that is the way this soup is called or spelled. But I can most definitely tell you what its like. It's clear soup with straw mushrooms, veggies and seafood. Very good and makes the stomach feel comfy =)

Birthday Misua
It's tradition to have noodles on one's birthday...for long life! This was very good chinese misua..with peanuts and colored quail eggs....which are normally dyed red =)

Crispy Fried Alupihan Dagat with Chilis
These are sooo good! They taste like baby lobster meat. Yummy with vinegar dip =)

Yang Chow Fried Rice

Steamed Fish

Steamed King Fish that was soooo fresh. The flesh was sooo soft and delicious!

Steamed Crabs

How can that be not good? It's so fresh that steaming is the way to go!

Fried Buchi
Fried sticky balls filled with bean paste and coated with sesame seeds =)


Em Dy said...

Chinese food is the usual choice for my family too. They've tried Spring Deer. I haven't. I'm curious about the alupihan.

Jen Tan said...

You should try it Em...really good and fresh seafood =) The alupihan is like baby lobsters...baka nga baby lobsters =)