Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Hand Made Oreo Cake

My good friend Louie is going back to Arizona very, very soon. There a small get together amongst his friends that evening..sort of a despedida, so I decided to bake a cake for him =)

I was out the night prior..hence no time to bake at home, plus our kitchen is under rennovation. What to do..what to do? Bake the cake in the office! I loaded up all the ingredients and untensils that I would be needing. I can only bring the bare necessities and make do with them to make my cake.

Well, before the Kitchen Aid was invented, people can make cakes right. So here I go making my cake manually =P hehehehe

I think the arms and hands are the best baking equipment we have. I feel that I have a better feel of my cake batter consistency and more control while mixing =)

Panning my chocolate cakes

cakes perfectly baked..spongy and moist =) yehey!

TADA!!!! My Chocolate Oreo Cake =)

I didn't bring a cake turn table, so I tust used a mixing bowl to mount the cake as I decorated it.

Chocolate cakes with creamy frosting sandwiched=oreos right? hehehe and I placed halved oreo cookies around the side. Maybe next time I put crushed oreo cookies on top instead of cocoa powder dust? =)

Bon Voyage dear Louie!!!


Manggy said...

Ok ka magweekend blogging, ha :)
That's so sweet. I can't believe you have an oven in the office. I'd abuse it ;)

arvi09 said...

wow! you sure eat out a lot. nice looking cake you have there. maybe i'll show your blog to our waitress/pastry chef to inspire her.

Jen Tan said...

hahah hey Manggy! yes..I do have an oven in the office..well we took it from the house, as my sis and I love to bake and so when we do have spare time in the office then we can sneak in making cookies and brownies (or whatever) on the side ;P hahaha We actually have 3 more ovens at home so...lots of spare right? hahaha

Jen Tan said...

hey arvi! yes..I kinda eat out a lot as I go out quite a bit. kaya when I am home or in the office..I try to eat as little as possible na.

hahaha sure thing show my blog..pero will it inspire?? ;P hahaha yun kay Manngy pakita mo! baka mag culinary school pa sha! hahaha =D

Ruy said...

Hey, Oreo bits on top sound really good.=)
Lucky friend...

Jen Tan said...

hey thanks ruy!!!

parang ok nga noh? will try that next time =)