Friday, February 01, 2008

Bagoong Club

There is this new place that my friend and saw a few days ago, and tickled our fancy...THE BAGOONG CLUB RESTO.

Good enough, we got a chance to go and dine there to try some bagoong ladened fare. The place is like a new house, fairly big in size ..located along Scout Dr. Lascano. If you are coming from Tomas Morato facing towards E. Rodriguez, turn left at the side street where Starbucks is and you won't miss this place =)

They serve classic Filipino Cuisine which are all basically served with or incorporated guessed it right....BAGOONG! =)

We were given this as an appetizer.
Slices of singkamas with Bagoong infused with pandan and Chili Bagoong =) . Honestly, we could detect any pandan flavor...nevetheless they were pretty good..but my fave is still the ALAVAR BAGOONG GATA given to me my the very nice Mr. Spanx. The best !hehehe

Inihaw na Pusit

Grilled giant squid with chopped bell peppers and a side dish of...bagoong! It's good, though the pusit could have been better if cooked to a softer state =)

Cripsy Pork Binagoongan

Pieces of lechon kawali fried pork cooked in a sauce of gata and bagoong and chilis...with a side dish of....whatelse...more bagoong ;P hehehehe We liked this dish a lot. The Pork pieces remained crispy and we enjoyed the gata sauce a lot =)

And what best way to accompany our bagoong ladened dishes but with more bagoong pa! HALA sige...bring it on.....HERE IS THE BAGOONG RICE =)
Fried rice with strips of scrambled eggs, chopped cucumbers and bell peppers cooked with....YOU GUESSED IT RIGHT!---BAGOONG! =) hahahaha This is actually delicious...the bagoong taste is not overpowering so it is still good with our other binagoonged dishes =)

Definitely a bagoong lovers haven! Definitely pinoy. The food is quite good and very satiating! A promising place. =)



Ruy said...

This is definitely an interesting find. Great job and expect us to try it out soon!

arvi09 said...

heart attack! :)

Jen Tan said...

hey ruy..yah ok sha..lalo if bagoong fan ka =)

Jen Tan said...

hey arvi! hahha heart attack? feeling ko nga healthy pa ang food namin dito eh ;P hahahaha

Em Dy said...

I'd like to try this too.

Jen Tan said...

hey all means do =)You fond of bagoong?

kofranks said...

Thanks for eating at Bagoong Club. We now have a webpage. Visit us at

Jen Tan said...

hey kofranks! glad you found my site =) will visit your site too