Thursday, January 24, 2008

Trattoria Gourmet

One of the longest standing Italian restos in Shang mall is Trattoria Gourmet. I think it has been there since the mall opened...and it probably so because it serves up good ol' comfort Italian food that is reasonably priced =)

Complimentary bread with delicious garlic pesto spread =)

Pizza Margherita
Tomato, basil and cheese on a light and cripsy crust. I cannot get over loving that simple Italian trio =)

Pesto Ricotta Fettuccine
Judge by the name of this's again simply good =)
Sometimes I like fancy..sometimes I like just good old time faves. My friend and I enjoyed our dinner here a lot...oh and may I add the service is great too =)
To cap our dinner we had dessert at UCC forever fave hang out...and shared this warm chocolate cake served ala mode

A simple and pleasant evening. Shopping and eating with a good friend..two of my favorite things =) hahaha
Thank you!!!


Manggy said...

Yeah, Trattoria certainly deserves their spot there :) I wish their pesto was less creamy, though :)

Jen Tan said...

hey Manggy! I like the more oli-type pesto too....but this one isn't really creamy...I I am not's like a pesto-pomodoro mixed sauce =)...I am referring to the pasta ah..but the spread was kinda the creamy kind =)

My friend taught me to spread the pesto spread on the pizza...which actually tasted nice too =)

arvi09 said...

my girl and i love their tortellini. we also like their panna cotta (tama ba spelling?) however, i still think the one in bellini's is better.

Anonymous said...

the place is own by the gruop that runs L'opera..

Jen Tan said...

hey arvi!

I think tama...anybody's know if tama spell namin? hahhaaha ;P mga UP ba tlga tayo? hahahaha

haven't tried their tortelli..will do on my next visit =) You know I havne't been back to Bellini's for a looooong is it na? still ok>

Jen Tan said...

hey sakai...really? kaya pala i adore le opera =)

tnx for the triv-bit =D