Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Our first stop at Tagaytay was at Bag of Beans. I was crying out for caffeine so lucky for me my friends wanted to stop here for some brews and some sweets.

Coffee here is good and cheap! Php 100.00 for bottomless Batangas brew..NOT A BAD DEAL AT ALL!!! hahaha

We had Brownies to go with our hot cups of java

Sad to say....this was nasty =( Look at it...really made us wonder what it was actually! hahahah ;P Sorry...maybe we should have had bread with jam and butter..they looked nice as the table eside us was having it with their coffee. Next time maybe =)

Carrot Bread
This was ok..not good as dessert though...maybe as a meryenda bread.

Well, despite the bad sweet treats we had..coffee was good and we were looking forward to our dinner anyway.

In other words...nagpagutom kame habang kumakain?! haahah Yes..that's the way we do it! ;P

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