Friday, January 18, 2008

San Sung Korean Restaurant

I am loving a new Korean telenovela.....Daja's Spring! I will tell you all anout it when I am through with the dvd =)

How fitting it is to have a chance to dine in an authentic Korean Restaurant....while I am in my telenovela frenzy? Very! And I was ecsatic when my friend asked me to have dinner at San Sung (or is it Sun Sang? help me who ever knows the correct name of this resto! Korean mental block here! hahaha), located at near JP Rizal and Kalayaan avenue in Makati. I am so sorry, as I am really bad with Makati streets.

Anyhoos, the place is like a Korean house...with tables with grills and there is a part of the resto where you can sit on that of in Japanese restos.

What I love about dining in Korean restos are the nice free appetizers they serve =)

And they serve quite a number of small plates here. Kimchi, pickled veggies, mini omelets, delicious potato salad etc....which all happend to be quite delicious!

I can honestly get filled up by just eating these. I tried my best not to devour them all! hehehe =)

I love this! It's omelet made of veggies and sqiud. Sooo yummy! It's less starchy than the rendtion of this dish at Kaya

It's like Korean pancit, made with yummy and gummy glass noodles.

Now this facinated me a lot.

We ordered Korean BBQ and their table grill is fired up by charcoal! I think others use gas dire grill. I think this is cool =) Makes table grilling more exciting and gives that added smokey flavor! =)
We ordered Beef Ribs and Pork

I love wrapped the grilled beef and pork bbq with fresh lettuce, garlic and bean paste

like so....

and so....

and enjoy! =) MASHINUN!

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