Monday, January 14, 2008

Crispy Pork Knuckles!!!

I can never say it enough..I LOVE MICKEY'S DELI! hahaha I have never brought anyone there who was not happy and satisfied with their food and beers =)

I think everytime I dine here. I always have the bread basket. This time I thought...why not just order an entire loaf and have it served...that way we get more bread right? Absolutely! hahah So here we picked a whole Rye Sourdough loaf and had it warmed and sliced =)

They charge Php 15.00 for extra butter...but I was able to convince our waiter to just give it t o us for free ;P hahaha Thanks!!!! As you can see..this is a whole lot more bread than just ordering the bread basket. The bread basket costs about Php 82.00 but you get pate and d butter with that. The loaf of Sourdough Rye cost Php 105.00 and a little charm for butter =) hahaha so I think it's a better deal, specially if the people sharing food are bread lovers. They have excellent sourdough here I might add....the best I have had...apart from the ones I make! bwahahha (love your own ofcourse ;P) hahaha The sour taste is very distinctive, indicating a well developed flavor during fermentation. The Rye gave the bread a nutty earthy tone...that I really, really LIKE/LOVE! =)

We thought it was ok that we didn't have pate with our excellent bread because we had....


YUMMMMMMY!!! We are in FAT HEAVEN HERE! Crispy fried pork knucles...redolent of our native Crispy Pata. The skin is UBER CRISPY AND CRUNCHY! I tell bite is without a CRRRRRUNCH! hahahahah And the pork meat...still tender and flavorful. I thought to myself..hey..despite it being fried this ain't oily at all...not bad a...then I GO POURING THE GRAVY ON THE KNUCKLES ON MY PLATE....then I thought to myself...yeah..sure..there goes the fat I was missing..right back on my plate! hahahahaha Welps...there is no escaping cholesterol here....what the hey...its mighty GOOD! hahaha

Sourdough bread and pork.....yum..yum..yum!!!!


m@ri13n said...

hey! i really like your recommendations on restaurants. good job. so where can i find this deli?


Jen Tan said...

hey Corina...thanks for the nice comment =)

it's located at Jupiter St....after the building where IO won't miss it =)