Friday, January 18, 2008

Lunch at Kikufiji

My first visit to Izakaya Kikufuji, I wasn't very impressed. I had dinner there with a bunch of friends and it was just ok Japanese. However, I have been hearing good things about the lunch experience here, so when my good friend Louie invited me to have lunch here, I was definitely delighted.

The placed was packed when we got there! We were seated at the sushi bar...since we were only two people and no tables were available. I think I even sa Mr. Market Man walk in...was it him? Can someone please ask if he had lunch there last week? ;p hehehe

The menu was limited dunring lunch hours...but they give a lot of freebies! =) Check it out...

Cabbage salad, Tuna, Sashimi and we asked for fresh wasabi!

I think I like fresh wasabi better as it is less potent than the prepared kind... =) I really like small plates of food to nibble on before getting into my mains =)

Bacon Asupara

Baby asparagus wrapped with bacon and yummy =)

Gindara Teriyaki

Perfectly grilled to a soft tender! We enjoyed this dish a lot and delicious with steamed Japanese rice (that is bottomless to boot!)

This one I really liked, even the first time I tried it there. Thick pork...breaded and fried. I compliments our grilled Gindara. =)

To end our very enjoyable meal...FREE ICE CREAM OR ICED COFFEE!!! Guess what I chose? ;P

Love it! Sweet and kinda milky yet I could detect the brew is strong. Perfect ending!
Thanks Louie!!!! =)

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