Monday, January 07, 2008

Emperor's Dimsum

Isn't dimsum just so wonderful? I thinko so =) Small serving of various steamed/fried treats in those cute bamboo steamer nice!

My first time to try Emperor's Dimsum along Wilson St. in Greenhills. How about dimsum in the wee hours of the morn? Why not! hehehe

Chicken Feet
It is very unsual that I, being chinese, don't eat chicken feet!!! Never tried and never will! Sorry to those who adore this...I have personal reasons that explains why...wana know? hmmm I don't know of I have ever mentioned this, but I have a severe phobia for birds and anything bird like...eve feather duster! hehehehe Chicken feet just reminds me too much of the whole chicken it was when it was living still...which scares the living daylights out of pass on this.

Pork Siomai

This I like =) Good ol' siomai..dipped in a soy sauce with a little kalamansi...or I like it too with Hoisin sauce...yummmmm ...anything with Hoisin will absolutely turn out to be delish (for me)

Siaolong Pao

Delicate siopao like babies...that had that very nice soupy surprise upon bitin onto it. How do the chinese chefs put soup in these dumplings? Well, you know how when you make broth made of beef...and as it cools turns into gel from the gelatin obtained boiling the meat and bones...well, the soup gel is the secret! This is what is placed in with the filling and once the closed and sealed dumpling is steamed...the gel turns to soup...hence...the soupy surprise! Genius! =) hahahaha

My favorite! Clear rice paper like wrapped shripms steamed to a soft and slightly gummy goodness. I love this with hoisin sauce and nothing else =)
Yummy yum cha!


Em Dy said...

I like their scallop dumplings. Very good, try it sometime.

Jen Tan said...

hey em! scallop tried that! will do next time...thanks for the heads up =)