Monday, January 07, 2008

Brunch at Bizu

I love Sunday brunches! I can never say it enough =) No matter how late I get home from a Saturday night out, I can always muster an energy to get up and go out for a great brunch=) Well, it was a special brunch Sunday at Bizu! =) I've always dreamed of having delicious Eggs Benedict...but I have unfortunately (or fortunately for my body! hehehe) had this once in my life! Can you believe? Yes! True. I have tried and failed, to have my second Eggs B. at Apartment 1B...but sadly it's closed on Sundays (why o why???) Anyhoos, my first Eggs B encounter was quite disappointing..I had it at Grams diner at Rockwell (if you may...please check out my post on that)

I was more than excited for our brunch at Bizu. The first thing that I love about it? FREE COFFEE WITH REFILL!!! YEHEY!!!! That had me at hello =)

The second thing to love about bizu? FREE BREAD!!!! with butter and orange marmalade!!

Now that is actually breakfast already for me!! hahahaDo I really need to order??? hahaha Ofcourse! More carbs and fat to jump start a perfect day!!! ;P

Here is the French Toast

Ah..thick slices of whote bread..soaked in eggs and milk and freid to a crisp...served with MORE butter and maple syrup! hahaha This should definitely be eaten ONCE A YEAR ONLY...maybe once in a lifetime hahaha Was it worth the calories? hmmmm ..let me think...I think it was waaaaaaaaaay too buttery....sorry for butter lovers..I DO LOVE BUTTER...but it was just way tooo d*mn greasy for me =) Sorry...a bit lacking in taste..say needs a bit more salt and the maple syrup didn't help much...

look at that fat ladened cross-section! Will all go to the hips and thighs! hay-ayay!!! (note: kaya I didn't finish my half ;P hehehehe)

Now to what we came for...EGGS BENEDICT!
There was not one..not two..but THREE (3)! Yes...three eggs cooked over easy covering a huge slice of English muffin layered with Ham and all covred by the oozing yellow hollandaise sauce!
About 1,000 calories per serving (NO JOKE AH!) ....was it worth it? hmmmmsad to say a NO for me =( Not as WOW tasting as I thought it would be...but WAY better that the first one I had. It's over rated I think..or maybe I have yet to try a superb rendition of this brekafast fave. Maybe next year I'll try it in another resto =) hehehehe
It was a pleasing brunch, don'tget me wrong..maybe my expectations were just too much for that morning...maybe not. But I still love dining at the the that I am surrounded by cakes and breads (even if I am not much of mousse cake fan)
Maybe next time..I'll just have coffee and bread with butter =) .....I am just a simple girl perhaps no?


Ruy said...

Simple is great.=) Liv loves eggs benedict by the way (just sharing). Used to eat it everyday. =&

Jen Tan said...

hey ruy...san fave ni liv and eggs benedict? thanks for sharing and dropping by! =)

Ruy said...

Eggs benedict from Coffee Bean.=)

docchef said...

eggs benedict sa VFW in clark!!!

Jen Tan said...

hey ruy! i have never actually had breakfast anything at the coffee bean...hmmm..must try it there...pero next year na ang eggs benedict ;phahahah

Jen Tan said...

hey jeff! where is VFW exactly and what does VFW stand for? =)