Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Spoon

I am truely a local of the Tomas Morato and the area that surrounds it. I feel like I have eaten at almost every nice restos found in the area, or if I haven't the place it must be rather new or totally has given me no interest to try. Well, I am very happy to post that I have found another place love here...and that is MY SPOON =). It's funny, when the friend who invited me to dine here actually live very far from Q.C. I am fully aware of the existence of this resto and yes, I have been meaning to give it a try...but really had no chance..until that evening.

I was asked ..." you like Oysters?" I go ..."ofcourse..I adore them..." with a smile...and my friend goes.."have you tried My Spoon?" ...I go.."No....but I I would love to!" So off we headed to this neaby resto....I have always thought their cuisine was Filipino. I don't know why I had that notion. It is situated behind Abs Cbn building...with a small facade that led to a wonderful surprise.

I was quite impressed..perhaps because I was expecting a Jerry's like ambiance with that silly thought of it as a Filipino resto. The place was nice and cozy..dimly lit but very inviting. Diners are serenaded by a singer accompanied by a cello playing nice love songs...nice =)

Please pardon my very bad pictures...the place was very dim...candle my camera had a hard time focusing and using flash just destroys everything ;P Anytips from people out there on how to take decent pics at very dimly lit places sans using flash???? hehehe help! help! help please =)

Dinner Rolls

nice sweet dinner rolls, compliments of MySpoon
Seafood Chowder

Very rich and creamy soup, with a generous mish-mash of seafood bits. Really good but just a tad bit over the top with cream.

Oysters Rockefeller
This is absolutely delicious! I love that the oysters were meaty and big, not like the kind served in Via Mare Oyster Bar (which are nowadays small and shrivelled...what's up with that? So sorry) They remain soft ans succulent underneath the well broiled through cheesey topping =) Very nice.

These are Cheese Wontons with Sweet Chili Sauce
I didn't get the cheese used in this appetizer...but these were just yummy and fun to eat. I like crispy crunchies to much on before having the main dish. The presentation was lovely as they tasted.

Crusted Lapu-Lapu Fillet with Lobster Sauce

I used flash this time..because I really want to share with you this delicious dish! A wow dish. The fish had a nice crunch from the crust that envelopes the fillet and the flesh of the fish was cooked through yes remains soft and tender. I love the lobster sauce that laced the dish.

My BakedCrusted Salmon Fillet
I again didn't get the actual name of this dish, but let me just describe to you how it was. It was Salmon fillet with a sweet potato like crust layered with tomatoes. It's delicious and rich tasting. Another WOW dish I might say =)

I was really delighted with everything we had for dinner. As if we were not full enough, we had coffee and dessert =)
I picked the Chocolate Souffle

For a light dolci. I was huge but it was a right choice. It was ok..just a bit on the eggy side.
I think this resto is great. The food selection is very interesting and a once again is definitely required.
I can't believe I have dined in this resto just now after all this time it has been there.
Better late than never right?
Thank you =)


Manggy said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your meal. To tell you the truth, I don't like The Loop as I hate celebrities. :)

I'm no pro, but if you have a good camera with a manual setting, you'll need a stable surface you can put it on (this is assuming you don't take a tripod with you wherever you go...). Pump up the ISO (though the picture will be grainy), and set the shutter speed to quite a long time (I've not tried candlelight. Maybe 1 second or more?). Put the timer on (maybe 2 seconds is enough). Set the camera on a stable surface and click away. Nobody disturb the camera, the table, or the food while the picture's being taken. Alternatively you can try to veil the flash with your napkin (if you are not embarrassed by the constant flashing of your camera) and it will let some light through.

Jen Tan said...

hey Manggy! Yes, my dining experience there was very pleasant hate celebrities?---aren't you one??? ;P hahahaha I used to hang out at the Loop..especially at Starbucks and Cibo...but since I changed gyms...haven't been there for a while...I think there are lot's of changes over the years =)

THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH for the photography tips...I shall print them and follow them step by step on my next dim lit dinner =) I use a Canon Powershot SD1000...I think it's a pretty good and powerfil camera..if the the person knows how to use it properly! ;P hahahaha What cam do you use? your pics are always great--awesome in as* kissing here ah ..honest yan =)

Ruy said...

Wow, I've been attracted/tempted to go here a number of times but for the same reason as Manggy, I've never quite gotten down to doing it.
Well now with your very positive review, I most probably might.=)
Those fishies look really good!

Anonymous said...


Jen Tan said...

hey ruy!!! yes please do try it and bring the Mrs.! I am sure you will have a good time here trying their cuisine =)

Yes..the fishies were delish! Don' forget the oysters...

Yun souffle pwede i-pass up..but their coffee is nice =)

Jen Tan said...

hey sakai! don't be sad...there will be lots of chances to go visit near lang =)bring your friends!

Manggy said...

Ehehe... Wala palang manual setting ang PowerShot SD1000... but you can still set the shutter speed to a maximum of 15 seconds through the Function Set menu :)

The camera I use is my brother's. It's a Canon PowerShot G7. I have his old Ganon Powershot A70 pero laos na ang quality niya. You can see pictures taken with the A70 on my post about my Boracay trip (see the November entries).

Jen Tan said...

hmmm...I have to check that that the sych option? must tinker with my cam some more! hahaha thanks for the tips talga...

I tried pumping up the ISO and you're aright it's more suitable for dim lighting ;P

oh yeah, I think I have read your boracay trip post... parang ok naman ..wait I'll check again

you're food pics are great ah...parang with food styling pa! hahaha

tnx! tnx!