Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bawais, Authentic Vietnamese in Tagaytay

The second reason for our Tagaytay Food Trip...to eat aunthetic Vietnamese food at Bawais. Bawais, means grandmother in Vietnamese, as I have learned upon chatting with the very friendly family who runs this restaurant. The beautiful Veitnamese lady who heads the kitchen, married a Filipino and then moved to our country. This is actually their Tagaytay rest house and they go here on weekends to run the restaurant =) So nice....a family spending their weekends together cooking delicious Native food of their mom =) Sooo nice no?

When I had a vacation a Vietnam, I really, really enjoyed their cusine! They always incorporate fresh veggies in the dishes. Very flavorful, interesting and fun to eat!

Fresh Spring Rolls

Shrimps, ground meat, rice noodles and greens wrappedn in soft rice paper. Delicious and refreshing to eat! I love it =)

We had them fresh..so let's have them fried too... FRIED SRPING ROLLS

Crunchy and delicous! How can one not like that?

I didn't get the name of this appetizer =( So sorry
It's like chicken longganisa that you wrap in rice paper with rice noodles, lettuce and kechap manis like sauce. I love food wrapping...makes the dining experience fun and taste great too!

Pho Bo
Rice noodles and thinly sliced beef cooked in hot broth, topped with cilantro and spring onions. Hot and delicious. It has a clean taste.

Bung Tom
Sauteed shrimp and garlic with lettuce, cucumber and dry noodles with crushed peanuts. It's like pancit palabok but the sauce is doesn't have that shrimp taste. Light and delicious.

Bung Bo Hue
Pork and beef knuckes soup slow cooked and served with rice noodles. Very flavorful and delicious. It's like bulalo noodle soup! =) I suggest that you pre order noodle soups like this on because they really simmer the soup for quite a while, henceit takes a while before this baby comes out of the kitchen.

Our meals were pleasant and we were very pleased. We were given complimentary desserts of sticky rice and corn cooked in coconut milk. Like ginataang mais...but thicker, with almost paste like consistency.

Delicious but VERY satiating!
A visit to an authentic vietnamese resto should always come with having AUTHENTIC VIETNAMESE COFFEE =) One of my favorite and one of the best tasting coffee renditions I have had is Vietnamese style Kape =)
Served Cold....

Iced Coffee

Or hot like so..

Both are laced with condensed milk that makes that dark and old brew have a sweetish caramel like tinge! A perfect ending to a meal! A dessert on its own =)

Here is some of us with the owner at the far left (the Filipino husband) and in white in the middle...the wonderful Viet Lady...they refer to as Bawai =)

What a gastronimically satisfying weekend it was. We even saw a very, very nice place not far from Bawais which shall be the target of our next Tagaytay food adventure!
Thanks Oli, Atong, Aileen, Elaine, Peach, Matt and Sher!!!! I was a very, very fun weekend!!!!

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