Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Verbena, Country Suites Tagaytay

Now on to the main event! We came to Tagaytay that weekend for two reasons....

the first of which is to dine at VERBENA =)

It's located at the Country Suites, Discovery Tagaytay. The place is nice and cozy..very appropriate for romantic dates ;P hehehe

Multi grain Loaf

They serve a nice warm break basket with butter and tomato spread.

The bread was ok..I like the tomato spread a lot =)

Cream of Potato Soup

Good and creamy =)
Sampler Platter

A trio of Ribs, Salmon and another dish I didn't get the name of. This is Matt and Sher's order. They said it was good...but nothing spectacular.

Now this is the WOW DISH or our evening. Elaine and I shared this Bavarian Mushroom Croute

Melted Emmenthal cheese with creamy mushroom ragout topped with poached egg. Soooooo DELICIOUS!!! That sauce tastes AMAZING....we shared this with everyone and to make it go a long way...I dip the bread on the sauce to share the glory to all. A REAL WOW DISH!!!

Pan Fried Salmon Fillet
Perfectly cooked Salmon with smoked bacon, baby carrots, garlic arugula and red wine sauce. Elaine and I shared this dish...and we were very pleased indeed =)
Our Salmon was served with a siding of the CREAMIEST MASHED POTATOES ever!

Look at that! Doesn't it almost look like softened butter? hahaha Sooo good! Almost at rich and creamy like the mashed potatoes of Antonios...=)

Pan Seared Sea bass on a bed of Mashed Potatoes
This was Atong's order that was sadly over cooked! Why o why?? Sea bass..wasted. It was fried like a Tanigue. The exposed flesh of this delicate fish was seared to a crusty end. We were expected melt in you mouth sea bass...but alas....not for that evening.

This was the Caesar Salad that went with Oli and Peach's Ribs

I lost the ribs pic. It was a rack of ribs, served with fried polenta sticks. It was good and they enjoyed it alot...but now a WOW dish ;P hehehe

Over all we had a very pleasant dining experience here. Elaine and I had our WOW dinner...and the rest of us were more or less happy with what they had =)
A very nice and charming place. Oh and may I add, we just adored the toiletries in the restroom...L' occitane no less =)


Manggy said...

Ooh, Discovery! Did they offer to wipe your mouths as you ate? :) Haha, kidding.
A shame about the seabass. Actually I'm very wary about ordering thick cuts of white fish... tends to be completely tasteless.

Jen Tan said...

hey Manggy! Huwaaaaaat??? they have that service?? I should go back and complain then....no one came up to wipe my mouth as I ate...tsk tsk tsk...;P hahahaha

Yeah my friend was soo disappointed with the seabass...kinda pricey pa naman...we wanted to complain and return it..but we were kinda not in the mood to argue with waiters and chefs that evening...
pero should have no?