Monday, January 28, 2008

Brunch at The Coffee Bean

After Sal and I tried the Eggs Benedict at Bizu and was not quite so wowed by it...I told her that my good blogger friend Ruy gave me a tip to try this breakfast great at The Coffee Bean and Tea leaf.

So Sunday morning, we headed to Serendra to meet her shobe and some friends who are visiting from China, and have brunch at the Coffee Bean =)

Eggs Benedict

Sal and I liked this better than the one we had at Bizu....mainly because we feel its tastier =) Although, the egg was well cooked most people would think proper eggs B should have eggs with sa runny yolk..but we liked our yolks cooked, hence, we were pleased here. Well, different strokes for different folks right?

We also share this Chocolatechip muffin

Actually, the egg ben would have been just fine for the two of us to share..but we wanted to get the coffee with free might a s well get another breakfast set =D hahaha This served as sort of our dessert. It was HUGE and moist and really...really satiating with that heavy on the stomach eggs ben.

Food was good and coffee was great...we were definitely filled up through the day =) I love Sunday brunchies with loads and load of coffee...and most specially..spending it with my dear Sal =)


Ruy said...

Hey Jen! Glad you liked Liv's pregnancy breakfast craze.=)
Come to think of it, whatever happens how can you not be happy at a coffee place right?;p

Jen Tan said...

hey ruy! yes we liked it =) thank you for that tip.

...and yes..when there is good flowing's hard for me not to be happy =) am a smple girl to please you see...basta may good good ;P hahaha hey hope we get to hang out again.

Ruy said...

Yeah that would be nice. Let's keep in touch and set it up. =)

Marvin said...

we've got the coffee bean here too, but I'm not sure if they also serve breakfast. I'm gonna have to pay them a visit soon and see.

Jen Tan said...

yes please do keep in touch! regards to liv and cute baby andrea =)

Jen Tan said...

hey Marvin! Cool..please check out the breakkies at The Coffee Bean in your neck of the woods and let us know =) Perhaps they have bottomless refills too ;P

Anonymous said...

check out the eggs bendict on my post