Friday, January 25, 2008

ANG BABOY ! ! ! !

Let's have a break from the fancy schmanzy dinners and docli.

My dear friend Elaine, has NEVER had real isaw her entire life. Elpo and I have been telling her about this eating activity of ours back in college days in UP.... and we promised to take her there one day =) . I think the best isaw and fishballs can be found in UP...well....perhaps I haven't had any isaw elswhere...well except for the one's in 4 x force...but that is in a resto.

So come friday where to have dinner? ... We look at eachother and as if seeing one lightbulb light up...we go UP TAYO!!! =D And so we went....

There are 2 main sites in UP for Isaw-ing ; is the the lot near the Kalayaan freshman dormitory and the other...which is favored by majority of my friends...the one located near Bahay Kalinaw which has moved to the spot near the UP Arcade.

Unfortunately that night, the stall at our favorite spot was already closed because, well, they were already sold out! Galing right? So we just had the next best thing....

Innards Galore!

As they your heart out...and we did...literally and figuratively! hahaaha We had about 50 sticks of a mish-mash of pork and chicken intestines...ears...gizzards and washed them down with Mountain Dew!!! hahha As a side dish..we had crispy and crunchy..bucharon..which is like some innard-part that was deep fat fried, redolent of a chicharon bituka! hahaha

For dessert...we turned around to have dirty ice cream!!! 20 bucks for a big bad-as* waffle cone of chocolate, quezo and mangga ice cream! Elaine and I go...if we had FIC ---the three cones worth of dirty ice cream coul get us a one scooper FIC or half of Haagen Daz (meaning kulang pa pera to buy a cone! hahaha)... And needless to say, the satisfaction we got...was definitely nothing short that of if we had the more sossy varieties =)

We were definitely happy..with our bbq dinner and street treat dolci =)

Ang baboy talga...because we felt sooooo full and guilty with all the cholesterol and fat we ingested..nevertheless...minsan lang naman =)

Thanks Elainey and Elpo!!!


Manggy said...

I won't judge you for eating isaw, but I will say eww for eating 50 of it! You're not supposed to eat 50 of anything!! :P :P :P

ALiNe said...

Whoa! 50 sticks... grabelicios!

Jen Tan said...

hahaha Manggy..don't tell me you don't??? UP ka---why?? how? hahaha =)

well 50/3 ---about 16 or 17 sticks per person...ah...errr....yes bad =( hahahahah

Jen Tan said...

hey aline! grabe ba talaga?? 50 sticks...for 3 people =( now I REALLY FEEL GUILTY AND BABOY!!!! :p hahaha promise maillitlang sha per stick!!!! i swear!!! hahaah

thanks for dropping by =)

oliboy said...

kras kung ako kasama mo 100pcs tayo! hahaha! yummy isaw! :)

Jen Tan said...

hey Kras! yeah....we should beat the 50 sticks record! GO! GO! GO! hahahaha ;P

Ruy said...

As much as I boast of my bingeing abilities. I have to admit that 50 is a pretty daunting number. Congratulations!
You've earned my respect...;p

Hi Elaine!

Bittersweet Damsel said...

hi, jen!

nakakagutom ang post mo. love din namin ng sister ko na si chloe ang isawan sa may kalayaan.

passed by two saturdays ago, wala pang 5pm kaya wala pang luto but last june 2007 we brought our balikbayan cousin and he enjoyed everything.

50 sticks is a little bit low pa nga kasi sa sobrang liit ng sticks ng mga chicken bituka. parang isang kainan ng 20 sticks, di ka mabubusog. you'll definitely crave for more.

nakakamiss talaga ang UP college days, mabilis makapunta sa kainan kapag may class not unlike now, puro restaurants na lang dito sa Makati.

Jen Tan said...

hey ruy!

grabe ba? hahaha we have yet to beat that record pa! hahahaha ;P

Jen Tan said...

hello bittersweet damsel!

thank you for understanding! hahahaah =) wow! so glad your balik bayan cousin enjoyed the UP eating experience...maybe eat fishballs and dirty ice cream too =) hahaha

yes, nakaka-miss talaga ang UP life...and food trips like this is a nostalgic activity for me and my friends who are from UP also or just want a little bit of an adventure =)

thank you for dropping by and sharing your thoughts!

Em Dy said...

Hi. I'll add you up to my list of UP alumni bloggers ha. I don;t eat isaw too.

shella said...

hi jen,

you can get fic for only 18 PHP per scoop at alicia's in shopping center they have all the variants :)

arvi09 said...

ahh... the isaw of UP. :)

I remember bringing my Ateneo blockmates in the Balay Kalinaw spot.

Hot monay + isaw + fish balls.

Jen Tan said...

hey em! sure please add me up, thanks =) you don't isaw too??? aww, well it's ok it's really an acquired bagoong right? hahaha

Jen Tan said...

hey shella! really? mura ng FIC sa alumni center pala...thanks for the heads up..will check it out when I go back =) I think I made a malls around Php 30.00 per scoop ata ang FIC

but then when in UP...we just have dirty ice cream =) hahaha

thanks for dropping by =)

Jen Tan said...

hey arvi!!! oh yeah..the hot monay..with cheese??? hahaha we didn't see any vendors when we went! shobe and I love that too =)

yes...UP isaw, fishballs and hot monay (actually new ito, during my college days parang wala ang item na ito ;P that ancient no? hehehe ) --dinadayo at bina-balik-balikan! hahaha

shella said...

hi's shopping center ha not the alumni center :)

Jen Tan said...

hey shella! oo nga hahaha..sorry for the mistake..i'll correct that later..