Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Next Door

We planned the plan and schemed the scheme! Saturday and Sunday shall be devoted to Major foodtripping in Tagaytay!

Oli, Atong, Elainey and I had brunch at Next door Noodles...by North Park, at the Metrowalk branch. Yes, I was definitely sleep deprived from the night prior's night out...with only 1 hour of sleep...I went to work early in the morning..so no breakfast..just coffee. Having soupy lunch was indeed agreat idea!

A must! Oli had the Lemonade...

...well, the menu says its a must order...and he followed! ;P (opo Oli! Opo NP! hahaha)

Fried Mantau Bread with Condensed Milk
No how good does that sound? heheehe Soooo yummy!!! It should be like dessert...but when the waiter asked us if we wanted it served already...we all went...ofcourse!!! hahahaha

Fried Wantons and Fried Noodle Soup
Oh yeah..Elaine and I are health conscious alright. We Picked the "healthiest" soup on the menu! hahaha Delicious fried noodles and wontons gave our soup that extra umph of flavore from the added fried babies swimming in our soup! We shared a bowl so makes it half deadly for us =)

Chinese Kikiam
Just a little side dish to nibble on with our soup =)

Like fried gyoza. It's fried so it's good =)

And last but not the least...Chicken noodle soup

This is healthy and good..for Oli =)
Our breakfast really energized us and we moved along to Tagaytay!!!! Yehey!!!! =D

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