Friday, January 04, 2008

Dinner at Le Opera

I was really excited to have dinner at Le Opera once first dining experience there was great...but I didn't have camera then. This time I told my self, my post on Le Opera will be great...I will have beautiful food pictures of their wonderful food.

Here is the bread basket...served with pate, butter and salsa-ish dip

...just as I was getting excited for our orders to be camera batt went dead!
=( haaayy

So..please pardon my super dim and gloomy pics..I used my phone camera here....nevertheless...the food was great!!!= )

I got to sample an array of dishes for the is the Mixed Carpaccio Plate

Mussels, squid, salmon, artichokes etc...marinated with olive oil and vinegar and sprinkled with chopped herbs....a nice start to perk up the palate for a long dinner =)

Parma Ham with Mangoes

This is really supposed to be served with melons...the traditional Italian rendition...but the waiter was most apologetic as there were no melons for the mangoes took its place. It was good....but I think better with melons =)

Risotto Ai Funghi

My favorite!!!! The best risotto I've had....creamy and perfectly cooked arborio rice! Sooo good but very I just sampled a bit to make room for the other dishes =)

The Pizza with Parma Ham and Anchiovies

The pizza was ok..the crust was thin but not thin, medium thin =) My only problem with this pizza?---the anchovies made my mouth itch! That has never happend to me before...hmmm I don't have food allergies (that I know of) that made me not enjoy this pizza.
The Breaded Veal Cutlet
I don't know if we were just sooo full already when we tried this dish...I think I only had a small bite...but my I don't fany beef being breaded and deep fried ...maybe grilled veal would have been better =)

Ragu Pasta

I'm not so hot over meat sauce...but I think it was good..just like good ol' spaghetti =)

The Seafood Soup

Light and delicious =) I like

Now for the most important part of the dining experiece...dessert sampling! hahaha yes, yes...don't think I ate all of these ok? I just had like a tablespoon..or a bit more of each! hehehe ;P
I adore this! The first tarrufo I fell in love with was at Antonio's Garden. This is next! Deep dark and rock hard ice cream bomb..with a nutty and cherried center--surprise! =) YUMM!!!!

Panna cotta with Balsamic Vinegar and Walnuts
I am no fan of panna cotta right...but my friend really wanted to let me have a change of I tried this one. What do you know...I had more than just a teaspoon of this. I really liked the Balsamic effect on this creamy dolci. The tangy sour taste cut through the creamyness and gives that almost smoky tinge to the dessert...and the walnuts gave a crunchy dimension to the delicately soft panna cotta =) I think this is one of the best!


We have to try the classics right? This was good...but I think I was more impressed with the Cafe Carusso rendition

What a degustation dinner it was! Having a little of everything was very, very satiating and a very enjoyable experience! I love Italian food and Le Opera serves great food and has a wonderful ambiance to boot! Oh and you are serenaded while you nice is that? =) Very.
Thank you!!! =)


Anonymous said...

how did it compare with my panna cotta?:)
someitme i reduce balsamic vinegar with a little sugar until it is syrupy then use it as a sauce or add some strawberries to it and pour on vanilla ice cream

Jen Tan said...

yours was richer and creamier...mas heavy ng konti than le operas...but really good ah and went very well with the mangoes (like mangoes and cream go well together) =) theirs kase is lighter ...and I could detect less cream...partly because of the balsamic vinegar..i like that too...

yes...I think that's a great dessert..I have tried strawberries marinated in balsamic vinegar and topped with cream...a dessert by French Corner..I would have like it more with Vanilla ice cream =) Yummy yun making a balsamic-sugar reduction syrup for a sweet-tart try ah if you make some ;P hehehe

arvi09 said...

hmm... never been to le opera. where's this? looks like an interesting date place. :)

i love panna cotta!

Jen Tan said...

hey's locared at the Fort Strip...katabe ng Le Souffle and Gourdo's...

Yes..super nice date place =) I love the ambiance...may mga nagv-vilion...and serenade you and date ;P hahahaha pang Valentines?? hahahaha

They have different kinds of panna cotta..some with fruits like blueberries and mangoes..some with nuts and balsamic...some with chocolate sauce even =)

Ruy said...

Hi Jen! Has anyone told you that some pictures are sideways? LOL.;p

Jen Tan said...

hey ruy! actually no....hahaha oo nga noh? well it was taken an angle ;p bwhahaha sorry...I was using phone cam

thanks for informing me!

Ruy said...

I was just teasing Jen! They look great no matter what the orientation.=)

superoxy said...

have you tried La Grotta along herrera St in Makati?

Jen Tan said...

hey ruy!'s ok noh...baliktad nga ata tlga yun iba..I forget to rotate before uploading! hahahaha...

Jen Tan said...

hello superoxy! nope I haven't but I have been meaning to for a long time now...where is it exactly and what is good there? is it open weekends? =)

Thanks for dropping by!

superoxy said...

Hi Jen,

"La Grotta Cucina Italiana is at the G/F AETNA Building, VA Rufino Street (formerly Herrera Street), Legaspi Village, Makati (beside Mini-Stop). Call them at +632 894 1320, +632 817 3306.

It's a cozy, quiet, unpretentious Italian restaurant in the heart of Legazpi Village and they have a pretty extensive menu. To start they have carpaccio (P250), prosciutto with melon (P250), shrimp cocktail (P260), sardines in balsamic herb dressing (P220), and the list goes on."

Got this from:

yes, open sya on weekends, even for sunday lunch. kain tayo nila gale minsan dun =)

Jen Tan said...

hey superoxy!

thanks for the info..will definitely try this soon...

gale? hmmm rox ikaw ba yan??? hahaha sorrry I can't access your profile to check!

if ikaw nga yan..sure..that would be great dinner tayo nila gale there so catch's been a while =)

thanks for dropping by!

superoxy said...

yep, this is rox =) text-text na lang

Bom said...

Hi! :) How much usually sa Le Opera? Planning to celebrate 1st anniv there... I saw kasi in one site that you can give the band music sheets of your favorite song para that's what they'll play..