Saturday, January 05, 2008

Tokyo Cafe

There is this cute Japanese coffe shop called Tokyo Cafe. I've seen this place so many times but just haven't had the chance to dine there...untill now. It's like UCC or the defunct Kohikan at Promenade, Greenhills (which I used to love and frequent). They have very inrestesting Chicken roll with cheese!!! However, we had the

Chili Scampi Pasta

I know..I am no fan of spicy why have this? Well, I didn't read the name while ordering..I just pointed at the picture because it did look soooo yummy. When it was served to us...yikes!!! uber HOT!!! Nevertheless...we managed to eat it for spicy food lovers..this is pretty good =)

Margherita Pizza

What do you know...they have pizza here..and pretty ok too. Simple but good =)

Maybe I should try their coffee and desserts if I get to visit here again.

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