Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Goodies from Ilo-ilo

My friend Elaine just came home from Ilo-ilo. I missed her, even if she was only away for a couple of days!!!

When she texted me that she was in Manila that day...we immediately met up to catch up!!!! We went to Promenade and shared stories..ater stories..over a Funghi Pizza Ovale!!!! What could be better right? =)

Here is my pasalubong..... a box of Goat's Milk Barquilos...

these are really good...they melt away in your mouth and very light in texture. Great with hot choco or ice cream =) It's made with goat's milk which makes it special and whiter.

It came with several bags of Biscocho house biscocho too! My sisters took away their stashes already! hahaha

They are buttery and crispy! You can munch and munch and munch them away mindlessly and before you know are left with an empty bag! =)

Welcome home girl! Thank you very much for the goodies!!!

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