Sunday, July 08, 2007

Saturday Night Out (SNO) =)

Its was a real rarity that I found myself stuck in the office 'till early evening...on a SATURDAY---yes..even my friends found it quite strange too. Nevertheless, it was fine---work is good right?! =)

My goo friend Kirby fetched me from the office around 7pm and meet up with our friends (Oli, Ven, Matt, Shir, Jackie & her BF and my dears--Elaine andd Gwen)

I was famished!!!!How sweet was Elaine t bring me some homemade TSIA TAU KHE also known as Raddish Cake! Yummmm!!!! We wee actually chatting before we met up and she told me she made some and asked if I wanted some! absolutely! How did I want them she asked---thinly sliced and fried to a golden crisp! ---with ketchup! ;P

Here they are......

...well, wht was left of them! hahha I cut them up into small pieces to share with everyone nd when I remembered to take a pic...these were the few pieces left! hahaha And yes, Elainey brought some ketchup as well! Thank you girl friend!!!! MWH!!! =)

The raddish cakes were quite filling, so we decide to share this Chicken gyro plate.

It had grilled chicken, tzatziki, tabouleh, hummus and mediterrnen rice pillaf (which had sultanas, pine nuts and a ash of cinnamon---I like! =D) I like raisin in svory food. You can actually chose to have either pita bread or cousous with this, we just felt like having rice tht night, although, pita breadwould have been great since it came with those great dips =)
I didn't get the chance to check out the food of the rest of the gang....wasn't able stop any of them for pic taking before diving their forks into their plates!hahahaha Well, I don't want to stnd in the way of a hungry mouth and food ...baka ako pa ang ma fork nila! hahhaha ;P

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