Monday, July 23, 2007

A Pretty Bakery Cafe: Mom & Tina's

I read about Mom & Tina's Bakery Cafe on one of Ms. Lori Baltazaars post on dessertcomesfirst. I actually stumbled upon it on our way back home from our recent trip to Pagsanjan Falls, when we had dinner at Panceria San Jacinto, which is on the same compound as this pretty bakery cafe. I vowed to visit it and try some of their goodies, as they all look so enticing and the place a lovely hang out =)

During breakfast with Kitty-pooh and Sal, I told them about this place. Fortunately, I stirred up the foodie curiosity of Sal, so after breakfast, we headed on to C5. Mom and Tina's is located complex situated along C5, just across Tiendesitas.

Look at the dislpay of yummy looking pastries!!! They had brownies, food for the gods, Brazo de Mercedes, cupcakes, goes on and on....

On the other display are the breads...a slection of filled pan de sals, empanadas, cookies, meringues...

Loaves of wheat, wheat rasin, mongo and cheese breads!

Carbohydrate overload to at its MAXIMUM level!!! They have display refs/freezer with an array of ice cream tortes, cakes and more cookies and goodies to bring home.

The interior is just so adorable.... girly and homey. I like the comfy couches. The whole feel of the place is "dainty".

This is what we picked out from the's called Dark Chocolate Torte

It's vanilla and chocolate ice cream with dark chocolate chunks and a dacquiose like layer in between the ice cream combo.

From the bread section, we chose to try one sausage and one cheese pan de sal.

The bread is somewhat like egg pan de sal. See the yellowish finish of the bread?... They are soft, sweetish and rich tasting. The sign says "white cheese pan de sal", but when we bit into was just like quickmelt cheese with butter ;P...nevertheless...cheese and butter---always a good combination don't you think? On the other hand, the sausage was ok. Php 12.00 each, a bit pricey for such a small piece?--a bit =)

We also tried the chicken empanada
The crust was very flaky! reminded me of Hopia actually =) The filling had too many potatoes and too little chicken which made it somewhat like samosas to me =) This is not one of my preferred chicken emps...but it was ok naman at Php 24.00 lang
We had fun sampling several goodies their--feeling like food critiques ba? hehehe. Sal brought home a big tub of chocolate torte and several filled pan de sals. They also had pastas, salads and entrees on the menu that seems worth coming back for a try.
After that we headed to Shopwise to do a littlle grocery shopping and then headed home.
Thanks Sally!!! It's always fun hanging with you! I miss our Sunday Market trips na din=)


Anonymous said...

try their food.. had the roast beef, spinach and chicken lasagna, ok naman:) puwedeng balikan

in-JeN-iosiTy said...

hello jeff!

really? sige, i will definitely come back to try their meals...the spinach and chicken lasagna sounds interesting (love spinach and chicken, hehehe)

thanks for the heads up!=)