Monday, July 16, 2007

Full Family Fun Day Sunday!!!

My cousins' family is in town from L.A. and we threw a little get together for them and invited our other cousin's family and my brothers. We hired a japanese chef ...(err..well cook lang ata..he was not the gourmande jap chefs you'd find in fancy shmanzy jap retos if you know what I mean, hehehe but he was good) We had simple jap food lined up for him to cook and prepare.
These were the tiger prawns being preped up tp become tempuras....
How neatly he slitted the backs of the prawns so that they won't curl when fried in the boiling pool of oil....

Well, they turned out to be great and madame pala!!! I didn't get a good pic of the tempuras as we were all so busy devuring them as they came out from the kitchen (sarap when piping hot!!!!) I also requested kakaiages (they are my favorite) =)

I was able to snap a pic as he was making the maki, sushi and sashimi platters

He was able to make around 5 or 7 of these...yikes...japaneseOVER LOAD!!! We had oo much left UNTOUCHED!!! aAnybody interested ain few days of maki, sushi and sashimi platters??? =)

Let's see..there is california maki, ebi maki, tuna maki, kani maki, ebi sushi, tuna sashimi, salmon sashimi...just the old time favorites =)

A top of the Jap line up, we had our home made goodies of kiddie sapghetti , bbq, roast chicken (we made 6!), inihaw na liempo, menudo (this was out of line) add variety because we had kids there too (kasali ak dito ;P hehehehe)

The dessert line up was is the Frozen Tiramisu from Cakes to G0

Baked Blueberry cheesecake made by my atsi =) Soooo good!

And several lianeras of Leche Flans

The best part of the party aside from great food is being together with family =) My nieces and nephews seems to have all grown so much since last time I saw them. How time flies noh? Well, if the babies are all grown up, then I would be...... =Phappy! hahahahahah Please...don't do the math!!!!

Can you belive this was all just for lunch???? Yes my friends...we ate out for dinner =) bwahahahaha to meet with some other cousins pa!!! Talk about Sunday being a family day---we took it up a notch this time!!!

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