Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Think Green

Sometimes the body naturally craves for something healthy. I brought my sis Che to Greens, a vegetarian restaurant, tucked away on one of the side streets near Roces. It is situated near Wheatberry's, Max's Fried Chicken and the new location of Zuccini (I am anticipating it's opening=D )

It's like a small house, with a garden up front and simple interiors, turned into a restaurant. NO MEAT HERE! 100% Vegan!

We had the spinach soup.

It's a clear, grassy soup!!! hahahaha You have to season it with salt and pepper for taste! ;P

Here are the vegetable sticks...
...they are sticks of carrots and bagiuo beans battered and fried. It could have been better if they were more kakaiage like...the batter was like that of a camaron rebusado! hehehhe It was k naman and filling.

I had the Tofu Kebabs.

Cubes of Tofu, zucchini, botton mushrooms, bell peppers, faux pork pieces (pretending to be bb hehehe) They were actually good, although the tofu--is tokwa ;P the firmer tofu variety---maybe chosen to hold up while being grilled?

My sis had the Shepherd's Pie

It had broccoli, cauliflower, carrot and sponge gourd pieces topped with mashed potatoes. It was served with wheat bread and a side of more vegetables!!! (see chopped cucumbers and tomato siding)

It's a great place for heart friendly and healthy eating. They also serve brown rice, fyi! =)

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