Sunday, July 29, 2007

3 girls, 3 desserts at 3 cafe's

What are three girls to do on a rainy Saturday afternoon? We were supposed to watch Ratatouille (round 2 for me---but its fine), but we missed the showing time--rats!!!hehehe So we just went on dessert hopping...3 desserts at 3 places at Eastwood City!

NAKU PO!!!! How did they claim this to be SUPER MOIST...when it's not even the MOIST in any way! A total disappointment. The cake is dry and crumbly...and I could not detect any chocolate in the taste! It's brown all right, but is it really chocolate? Hmmmm...perhaps we got an old piece of cake. I have had cheesecake and other desserts here before and they were fine. I just wished they had a stricter quality control---please don't serve cakes that are beyond the storage limit! It's like it has been in the ref for a week! We thought of complaining and returning it..but having 3 forks dig-in one slice of cake---well you could just imagine what was left =) hehehe (wala na ma-return to complain with ;P)

2nd STOP: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf....Pistachio Sansrival

This was really good =) The Wafer nut crust--like dacquiose, was very good. Our only complain?---Too small a slice! hahaha But then again, I think desserts are best when bitin and great eaten with kaagaw! hahaha Right girls?!

3rd STOP: Cafe Xocolat......Dark Chocolate with Rum Brownie ala Mode

At this point, our palates were getting tired of tasting sugar! Nevertheless, we wanted to complete our dessert trio event, so we sat down at Xocolat, amidst the rain.

Well we agreed on one thing...their brownies are HUGE!!! It's really good for 3 people =) However, it was a disappoinment again. Brownies from a place named after chocolate, one would expect real good and chocolatey treats. This brownie was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too sweet! Sugary sweet!!! The sad part was, it was devoid of the chocolate promise its name suggests.

One out of three, in dessert search success! Nonetheless, it's all good, we had so much fun talking about carrers in the culinary realm. Elaine, the pastry chef; Chiqui, the food stylist and photographer...and yours truly...le boulangère =)

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