Monday, July 30, 2007

Sunday Breakfast: Banaple

we had our strong brews with news =)

Sunday breakfast once again...Sal and I went to try the morning treats of Banaple =) They have quite a selection of savory meals to enjoy on a leisurely Sunday morning.

They had the usual pinoy fare of tocinos, longanisas, bangus and tapa
...which we chose to have.
Their tapa is sweetish---Filipino style so to say....served with buttery rice and creamy scrambled eggd with parsley =) Yummy. We both like the eggs...they are soft but cooked through and yes, they are creamy =) I like the sweetish tapa as well.

We always want to enjoy our food together, that's why we always share 2 meals so we get to try both. Sal and I love pancakes ...favorite ko yun sa McDo!!! =)
Banaple Pancakes

Not bad for Php 70.00! You get 3 thick medium round fluffy pancakes, drizzled with chocolate syrup with maple syrup on the side! The butter is not real butter...but pwede na rin =) It was good ko McDo pancakes pa din =) harharhar!!!!! Mas fluffy even if they are thinner! ;P
We enjoyed our morning very much! It's great to relax on a Sunday morning...have a nice tete-a-tete with a good friend over good breakfast =) Gawain ba ito ng middle aged people??? hahahaha Well, maybe so, but its great start to the week's end.

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