Friday, July 27, 2007

Baang! Baang!!!

I used to hang out a lot at Baang Coffee when it was newly opened a few years ago (if I'm not mistaken 2003 or 2004). Since then, I think I've only been there 3-4 times over the past years.

My friend Anj was craving for some Baang Carbonara! We were supposed to have coffee anyways so I obliged to her request that we hang out there.

Pasta Carbonara

She told me that the previous night she was there and her sister Penny had this, hence the craving! I had a bite of it and boy did it taste rich!!! The sauce was vry rich and creamy...and rich and creamy. Angela was all smiles!

The following evening I had dinner at Elaine's house to share some barbeque from Ilio-ilo that her very sweet mom sent.

After dinner de decided to have some dessert, so we went to KOZUl green tea house. Unfortunately, we were very full and so we were a bit picky for our after dinner treat. Nothing in the display appealed to us, so we went to hang at Baang coffee, since it's just beside the Tea house. Sorry Kozul...maybe next time!

We share a piece of the Walnut Pie

This served as our license to hang! To our surprise, it was quite good. The sable’ like crust was desireable and the pie filling not too sweet, but we just wished it had more walnuts =) Despite being full, we found it good--so it must be good then! hahahaha

Baang now offers a lot of food now, even Steaks for Php 99!!! shops are now riding the cheap steak band wagon ei? I guess when a lot of people hang out at your shop at all times of the day, you might as well offer an array of meals so they wouldn't have to leave =)

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