Monday, July 02, 2007

2007 Wedding #2: Shawie's Wedding

My 2nd wedding for this year is very special to me, for it is the wedding of my very, very dear friend Sharon! time flies...and such an exciting day!

Woke up early and soaked my face in ICE water....wore bodyshop eyemask and hydrated myself to the maximum level! I had to look fresh! Our pictorial was set 12:30 at Renaissance, so I had to have my hair and make up done at 10am!!! I had an appointment at Studio 546. I made it on time and finshed just in the nick of time. I wasn't the only girl there having my hair and make-up done that morning, believe me! hahha

The pictorial was done about 2:30 already so we headed on straight to the Manila Cathedral for the ceremony. It was great. Solemn. Beautiful!!! Shawie and Alvin really look ed great. My dearest was stunning in her dress by Debbie Co (who happens to be our friend as well, and the maid of honor).

We all proceeded to Makati after the ceremony. Mike, Michelle and I had time for some coffee to charge up since dinner was set at 7pm.

We went to the ballroom and enjoyed the program and dinner.

This is moi..standing by the towering wedding cake by Sugar Box...

Congratulations and Best wishes to Alvin and Shawie!!! I wish all the best that life has to offer....lots of beatutiful children and a marriage over-flowing with love! Love you mare!!!!!

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