Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Off to Pagsanjan Falls....

My cousins wanted to take their kids to Pagsanjan falls for a little nature trip. ur family took a day off from work to accommodate their request. For the love of children =)

I have never been to Pagsanjan..I don't think I have never seen waterfalls in real life, so it was a good expience for me.

Traffic was horrible!!!! It was a Monday, and we couldn't believe the severty of traffic jam we were in! Ganun ba kadame ang waterfalls fans???

When we gt out of the rut, we stopped for lunch at a small resto, recommended by a friend of my cousin. Durafe Restaurant. It is stuated along roadside. with NO AIR-CONDITIONING!!!! Naku po! This was the major set back, specially when it was scorching hot outside!!!!

This was supposed to be the house specialty...the Durafe pancit....

It's like fettuccine pasta...na pi-nan-cit-ify with sweetish sauce. Well, for me..I didn't find anything great about it....but it was ok.
We had the sweet and sour fish...which had a funny yellowish sauce!!!!

This was the chicken adobo..but I didn't get to try it.

We also had fried chicken (with orange colored sauce!! They really seem to fancy using food coloring), which turned out to be really good actually, and beef ampalaya.
I wish we had tried a different resto, but then all inthe name of adventure I guess this was ok.
After lunch, we went back on our tracks to seek the falls. We stopped at this area where you have to leave your car and take a canoe ride along the river. No pics here because I left my phone in the car.
That was the amazing part for me. It was a 2 hour ride along the rapids and along side you see lush greens and foliage. It was astounding! Nature is indeed beautiful and despite the heat of the sun, the ride was relaxing. The river widens and narrows and at times the bankeros would have to lift the bankas over steel posts layed on rocks, so that we may pass throughit. Good work out! hahahaha When we reached the end of the river, we had to take a brief raft ride towards the falls. I was surprised at how small the falls was!!!!! The raft would take all of us through the falls. It felt like going through a typhoon! Painful on the head but bareable. It was a short experience, but when the bankero asked if we wanted another go---I said NO!!! ;PI'll try it once but not twice! hahahaha
The river ride back was even more fun than the ride goin to because it started to rain and we were all drenched already!!! I love how the rain fell on me while it was sun down and starting to get cool and breezy. ..watching the greens and foliage once more...it was beautiful indeed =)

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